Library card

library book check out card. Wow, my baby girl will never know the joy of this or the Dewey Decimal System! The SMELL of books and a library.

Console stereos.

Kristen and Mike's Mid-Century Oasis — House Tour

Old cabinet record player. On one side you would keep your LP's and on the other side was a radio. ( my Dad called it his gramophone and called the radio a 'wireless ' )

.phone booths.. the way I remember them. Some times you found a dime/ sometimes you found someone's gum! Yuck

Iowa cross-burning shocks team's black quarterback

Do you remember phone booths everywhere? The first time I drove to Memphis ALONE I got lost and kept stopping at the phone booth to call Momma crying.

School water fountains

School/church water fountains, I remember dad putting one of these out in are garage, never had to bother mom for a cup of water.

The Original McDonalds Menu

The original McDonald's menu. There just was no fast food. The first fast food was the A&W Rootbeer stand. Didn't eat at McDonald's till I was in High School.and then had to go to another town.

I remember these

1950 Dime Store Toy Watch for some reason I remember having watches like this only it really worked and I was born in I loved it

Arm loads of books and that long walk home from school before book back-packs came in.

I remember arm load of books and having to walk home from school.before backpacks!

Learned to read from this book. Loved Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot, and Puff.

1956 We Look and See - rare Dick and Jane basic reader pre-primer - The HAPPY TRIO Reading Scheme - Look! It's Baby Sally Puff! (Still have some of these readers.

Barbie and friends, 1962.

Barbie and Friends, 1962 Sears catalog - I had this exact bubblecut Barbie (same suit and hair color), the Fashion Queen Barbie on the right (with her 3 wigs) and a blonde Midge who had a swim suit in two colors of blue!

My mom collected green stamps. I remember going to the redemption store with her.