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Worry (cortex), Anxiety (limbic system), & Stress = Body Response

Mange worry, anxiety, and stress

Worry (cortex), Anxiety (limbic system), & Stress = Body Response

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Tips for Teachers: Stress Alert!

This is how anxiety is affecting your health.

15 Ways to Relieve Stress -- Coping skills - make a list that works for you

76 Stress Relievers - #Life, #Stress, #You

76 Stress Relievers

My son's teacher did this on the first day of school...he loved this.

The Adventures of a First Grade Teacher: First Week of School

5 ways to get rid of anxiety

What 'School Refusal' Means and How to Fix It -

'I Hate School' Extreme Edition

Distractify | FINALLY. Someone Explained Anxiety Perfectly For Those Who Don't Understand It.

FINALLY. Someone Explained Anxiety Perfectly For Those Who Don't Understand It.

Elementary Counseling Blog

Elementary Counseling Blog

What You Should Know About Anxiety Disorders #WellnessInfographic

What You Should Know About Anxiety Disorders (Infographic)

So do you incorporate all these things into your life? Do you exercise every day and sleep soundly every night? If you don’t then your anxiety levels will certainly be affected.

Grounding Exercise - Feet, Seat and Back

There are many ways to relieve stress. Here are some simple steps to manage stress efficiently based on an easy to remember stress reliever formula.

6 Steps To Relieve Stress Using The STRESS Formula

Grounding is a powerful tool in the trauma healing toolkit because it generally reduces states of activation, sometimes quickly and significantly. Experiencing an almost total reduction in activation just through grounding can be surprising, since grounding is very simple. Definition: Grounding is the act of connecting more deeply and completely to the body, strengthening the…

Grounding for PSTD

Infographic: 7 Surefire Tips To Overcome Presentation Anxiety

Managing Stress and Anxiety -- lots of good info and activities. Geared toward teens & young adults.

Anxiety causes the mind to race with worry, fear, and obsessive thoughts. Anxiety thoughts are real but not trustworthy. Here's how to reduce their power.

Stress Management for Kids: Finding a Safe Placewith Hookups

  • Jen Lopez
    Jen Lopez

    This is an interesting approach to helping children to deal with stress. "Coping Cards" are a great tool for boosting youngsters' confidence in their ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Appropriate for children between the ages of approximately 5-14 years.

Coping Cards for Kids

30 minute Guided Relaxation For Grief | Everyone experiences grief in their own way, yet most of us agree that it takes its toll on our body, mind and emotions. And while there are many ways to soothe a grieving soul, there is one practice that I find particularly helpful for the vast majority of my clients. This 30 minute guided exercise is available on my blog via Youtube and is freely available for download on

Guided Relaxation For Grief

What Are Anxiety Disorders? Infographic - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

What Are Anxiety Disorders? |

EFT is a great tool for classroom use! Help kids relax at school. Check it out!

RELAXATION TOOL: Emotional Freedom Technique for Kids

The Middle School Counselor: Talking About Anxiety Using Post-It Notes

Anxiety in the Body - activity from rectherapyideas.b...

Recreation Therapy Ideas: Anxiety in the Body