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it certainly does :)

Doodle Geometric Mid Century Modern Triangle Triangles - Colourway 2 - Ryan Deighton

#travelcolorfully milan alram's photograph, which inspired "the girl from ipanema", one of the most performed songs in the world.

Yellow Warhol Giant Size

Job Boot | Sketchbook

Target is looking to Pinterest to find the next “it” designers. The scoped out top Pinners who combine design and social media and asked three to launch in-store collections.

In an affluent neighborhood of South Africa, a pop-up store opened and it’s for those that are homeless. Those willing to donate clothes just have to leave the items on their porch where volunteers will pick them up and bring to the pop-up location and neatly display the items, like a store. All the print materials, that both housed the clothes and announced the shop, were made re-printable, so anyone who wants to replicate the idea under the same brand can do it.

We love this idea. Not an Olympic sponsor? That’s ok, make an ad with Olympians and pull it before the Olympics officially start.

Brands are creating war rooms during big events to produce real-time slam dunks and whoever created the ad for Audi, dunked it. It’s playing off the Olympic ring mishap at opening ceremonies - how there were four rings instead of five. Fits quite nice with Audi’s logo….

What if you could tell someone what scent would work for them just by looking at their Instagram feed? That is the hope of new LA-based startup Pinrose. They just launched a ten scents and an algorithm to find the perfect one, and in the future want to individually look at a woman’s social profile to determine what her scent would be.

A restaurant in Cobble Hill offered a special Valentine’s Day menu -- Beyonce themed. Dishes included: Jay-Ziti, Breastiny’s Child and I Am Pasta Fierce.

Using Facebook to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease, the Dutch organization Alzheimer Nederland launched a Facebook Timeline hack that takes photos from popular real-world event photos and Photoshooped hundreds of people into photos at events they’ve don’t remember being at, meant to give people the same experience of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Moo Cards and Task Rabbit have joined forces to hand-deliver business cards to attendees of SX They will deliver the cards in a survival kit also containing breathe spray, conversation-starting Moo cards and UBER credit. All they are missing is some ibuprofen.

Mickey Mouse is putting on his big boy pants and becoming a venture capitalist. The Walt Disney Company is launching a start-up accelerator for technology companies in the media and entertainment space. The start-ups will also receive mentorship from some of Disney’s best and brightest.

How to announce your school will be closed for a snow day.

Virgin Airlines is partnering with Google to test out Glass in the flying space. Staff at Heathrow will be wearing the device in an effort to quickly identify first-class passengers and whisk them to a terminal reserved for high-end travelers.

Speaking of flying, would you book your flight through Facebook? KLM airlines announced a program to allow flyers to book and pay through social networking sites.

A candle holder that catches all the burning wax from the candle, so you can have another candle, and another candle and another candle.