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    How To Clean Silver Naturally and Easily with ingredients you have in your kitchen. You'll never go back to polishing with silver cleaner and rags again! #greenclean

    How To Clean Silver Naturally & Easily - H20Bungalow

    Very useful if you've got kids or if you've been known to accidentally write on stuff! Re-pin for later when you need it!

    Cleaning Sharpie with Rubbing Alcohol! - The Creek Line House

    Don't let window-cleaning-blues get you down!

    The Best Window Cleaner Dos & Don'ts

    How To Clean Stainless Steel - Streak Free!

    How To Clean Stainless Steel - Streak Free - Mom 4 Real

    Printable cleaning checklists for the main rooms in the house. Helpful to break it down for kids when they aren't sure what cleaning a specific room entails. #overstuffedlife

    Printable Cleaning Checklists

    How To Clean Grout With A Homemade Grout Cleaner - The simple recipe is just baking soda and bleach!

    Clean Tile Grout With This Homemade Grout Cleaner - Practically Functional

    How to remove rust. You WILL NOT believe this!

    How to Remove Rust (Mind Blowing!)

    Here is the super easy way to clean a blender. You'll never need to hand wash it again!

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    One easy trick to keep your faucets extra shiny and free from water spots for longer in between cleanings! Who wouldn't want that?

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    A Simple List to Keep Your Home Clean: Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule. | Thirty Handmade Days Mique Provost 30daysblog

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    Surprising things you can clean with a Magic Eraser! Love it? Pin it to SAVE it! Follow Spend With Pennies on Pinterest for more great tips, ideas and recipes! Add your own great tips in the comments below! What is a magic eraser and why is it so great? This handy little sponge shaped toolREAD MORE >>

    Surprising things you can clean with a Magic Eraser! - Spend With Pennies

    How to Renew Grout... even if it's totally disgusto!!!

    How to Renew Grout... even if it's totally disgusto!

    How to Freshen a Dirty, Yucky, Totally Nasty Shower: Oh, my goodness. I have spent so much money trying to get this stuck on soap scum off and wouldn't you know it... this family friendly DIY Shower Cleaner did the trick!

    How to Freshen a Dirty, Yucky, Totally Nasty Shower

    How to get oil and grease stains out of clothes. I can wear the other half of my wardrobe again!!

    How to Get Oil and Grease Stains Out of Clothes! - Surviving The Stores™

    Make a Plan for Spring Cleaning

    Make Spring Cleaning Easier than Ever

    Keep your home clean by completing these quick chores each week!

    Weekly Cleaning Checklist

    Keep everything you use to clean your home ready to go in one cleaning tote, caddy, or bucket. Find more cleaning tips and tricks here:

    13 Tips to Help You Speed-Clean Your Home

    Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning} . Secret to a no streak window

    Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning} - Four Generations One Roof

    How to remove calcium build up: Fill a plastic bag with 1 part CLR, 1 part water. Secure it on the faucet spout with a rubber band & leave it for a few hours. Wear gloves & use a Magic Eraser (generic is fine) and rub off the build up. You could probably get by with using a rag. Read the CLR bottle to make sure it’s compatible with your faucet material AND spot test the CLR on your faucet before beginning.

    How To Clean Calcium Off Faucets

    Dull to Shiny. Hard Water Calcium build-up remover using 3 natural ingredients...

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    Norwex Descaler is a highly-effective and environmentally-friendly product for heavy-duty cleaning and removal of calcium, lime and rust stains. Most descalers are dangerous chemical acids that can burn surfaces and damage the environment while they try to break down mineral stains. Use the Norwex Descaler for removing soap scum, lime/scale, calcium, and rust stains from shower doors, shower curtains, shower stalls, bathtubs, etc. If used regularly lime build-up can be avoided.

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    Get Rid of Mineral Deposits Around Faucets

    Mineral Deposits

    For extreme hard water stains, Pour a little baking soda on the tough spots first, let it sit for 5 mins and rinse before doing this remedy. Fill a spray bottle 1/2 full with vinegar. Add 1/4 cup lemon juice. Fill the remaining space in spray bottle with soap of choice. Shake up that bottle and soak those stubborn stains baby. Let sit for 30 mins. Time to scrub that grime away.

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    DIY Mold Remover | Budget Savvy Diva

    DIY Mold Remover

    Cleaning a microfiber couch. Not because you need help cleaning, because you have a husband, 4 boys, and a dog!

    55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)