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Grilling Recipes

No grilling experience is complete without one of these mouthwatering recipe ideas from Grill Mates.

Grilling Recipes

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Give burgers bold and zesty flavor for National Burger Month with a spicy Montreal steak seasoning.

Montreal steak marinade can be used on a meaty fish like salmon for a bold and flavorful fish on the grill!

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Get Mediterranean flavor in this easy chicken recipe.

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    Diana MacKenzie

    Made this last weekend with our fresh rosemary and it was delicious!!

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    Prepped this recipe this last night for a BBQ today... looking forward to it..#goodeats ...

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Double the flavor in a T-bone steak by sprinkling with Montreal Steak Seasoning and brushing with Montreal Steak Sauce. Serve with seasoned grilled potatoes.

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We arent feelin blue about these burgers cooked with tangy blue cheese. Perfect for summer cookouts!

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    sounds real yummy

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    Grt love the blue another use kool

It’s time to fire up the grill! Smoky applewood seasoning, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese top this burger for juicy flavor in every bite.

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Grilled Romaine w/ Caesar Dressing

Pair broccoli rabe with fresh fennel, creamy ricotta and shaved Parmesan to make this attractive grilled toast starter.

This cookout classic is ready for BBQ season with a savory spice rub that adds bold flavor to every bite. Get the step-by-step for the juiciest grilled Beer Can Chicken recipe you've tasted.

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    Love this ...yummy

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    Love this beer can chicken recipe!

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    Joe Conny

    if you put the chicken on a foil pan you can stop flare ups and not lose any taste

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    Tonette Whatley

    Absolutely beautiful presentation!!!!

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Grilled shareable toasts are topped with hummus, cauliflower, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives and more for a twist on bruschetta.

Hot donuts off the grill? You bet! Cut out holes in store-bought biscuit dough, grill and toss in cinnamon sugar for an easy summertime dessert.

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Take your taste buds to the tropics with grilled shrimp and bacon wrapped pineapple skewers.

Grill avocados, then stuff with diced tomato and Mexican Cotija cheese for the perfect burger topper.

This burger features a ginger and garlic seasoned grilled patty, crisp Asian slaw, spicy Sriracha mayonnaise and fresh cilantro and mint to cool the heat.

Kick up your cookout menu with this bold brown sugar, bourbon and soy sauce infused grilled chicken. Use the reverse sear method to guarantee juicy and perfectly charred chicken every time.

  • Moyna Wroten
    Moyna Wroten

    Liquid smoke great idea, try with Honey BBQ sauce will make it Sweet!

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    JE Motts

    If you're going to add BBQ sauce, get some Corky's Apple BBQ Sauce, it is fantastic.

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    Moyna Wroten

    Thanks J E.☺Apple BBQ sauce Gotta look for that!

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    JE Motts

    Go to this site and make sure you keep your napkin handy because I'm sure they will have you drooling all over the place. That is my favorite sauce, I love to use it on boneless country style pork ribs with my smoker. It really adds a great taste to them. Gotta go, I'm getting hungry. : )

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    THIS looks awesome and I look forward to trying this on the grill for the 4TH of. July

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Top this easy 20-minute pizza with a Greek salad of chicken, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, Greek olives and feta cheese.

Try serving applewood-rubbed baby back ribs with this crunchy daikon and cucumber salad.

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Pungent blue cheese and balsamic grilled onions are a winning combination as a topping for burgers.

This burger has layers of flavor from the smoky applewood seasoning in the ground beef to the molten center of Cheddar cheese with jalapeño slices. Perfect for summer grilling!

This recipe honors the classic burger with delicious, mouthwatering flavor.

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Sweet 'n spicy rips don't get much better than this. A zesty spice rub of cinnamon, paprika and red pepper combines with brown sugar and maple syrup.

Pineapple salsa offers a refreshing flavor to grilled pork chops marinated in brandy flavors and jalapeño peppers.

Flavor your rib-eye steak with a unique twist using chipotle pepper marinade and cinnamon.

Here are some of my favorite St. Patrick's Day recipes all cooked outdoors!