Middle Point of Rocks Morton County Kansas

Point of Rocks Area Along the Cimarron River

Woo hoo!  Happy dance time!

Yo that feeling though, especially when you are on a long wait list & you don't expect to get the book anytime soon but then boom it's there.

having fun isn't hard when you have a library card!

Having Fun Isn't Hard Sweater

I will trump your existence with knowledge

Never mess with a Librarian

Loose Parts ~~ GoComics.com

Oliver Struggles with the Concept of Self Checkout; Loose Parts, by Dave Blazek

Shush: a group of librarians

Definition of a group of librarians.-----collective noun for librarians.

We have the power of Dewey on our side!

Sees student approaching points to stapler Sarcastic Librarian

Topeka Public Library, KS

Wayfinding Series Part 1 of Using Library Signs Effectively

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