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Werehog tatoo XD by Auroblaze.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Remember the Dark Super Sonic tatoo that I made one month ago? Ok,now here's the weretatoo XD Sonic the Werehog belongs to SEGA(c) Werehog tatoo XD

Avengers Mixed Drinks

The Avengers mixed drinks. Someday, I'll have an adult Avengers themed party. And it'll be awesome. Tho I don'y know if I could handle any of these drinks, I'm such a girl lol


Design studio Plaid has created this mod infographic illustrating perfect coffee drink recipes. Click through for a full sized, printable version. Plaid Creative - The Perfect Pour: A Citizen's Guide

Tie your tie!

Looking for an easy way to tie a tie? Here is an info-graphic with 4 easy ways to tie your tie. Ways to tie the – Four In Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor and Shell Knot. Here are more DIY articles …

Computer Desk creation - 3 monitors and 1500 blinking LEDs on front panels

Looks a little cramped in there. But I like the general idea. -----Computer Desk creation - 3 monitors and 1500 blinking LEDs on front panels

Optimizing Decision Making Across the Product Lifecycle #flowchart #infographic

Check out the infographic below for a snapshot of some of the challenges innovation practitioners wrestle with as they try to connect with the content, experts and insights they need in order to solve problems and develop optimal solution