Princess Diana

Lady Diana Spencer, Engagement Portrait, 1981 Photo: This Photo was uploaded by MichelleHorner. Find other Lady Diana Spencer, Engagement Portrait,

Princess Diana

June Princess Diana at a State Dinner hosted by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau at the Hotel Nova Scotian in Halifax.

Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales dies in an automobile accident in Paris on August Her boyfriend, Dodi Al-Fayed and their chauffeur were also killed. Their security detail, Trevor Rees-Jones survived, but has no memory of what happened that night.

Princess Diana - 1983

March Princess Diana at the St John's Ambulance Headquarters, Alice Springs, Australia.

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Princess Diana on the cover of Life, 1997 - Photos - Iconic Life magazine covers through the years

In advance of this spring’s royal wedding, interest in Princess Diana is keen. Mario Testino shared a ‘new’ Diana in his famous images Diana, Princess of Wales as ‘Diana Reborn’ for Vanity Fair July

Very rare to photograph a royal either eating or drinking ~ even if it's only water!

Princess Diana Visits Portugal at Banquet Hosted by the President We toast you !