Ponytail holders.

Twin Bead Ponytail Holders - wore these in my long hair through third grade

Gold stars! Used to get these on good papers in school!

Star stickers for school work. My piano teacher used them also. You strived for the gold star!

sugary goodness

Tom's Foods - plastic candy-filled fruits - I remember getting these little plastic fruit containers filled with Pixy-Stix-like powdered candy in my stocking every year for Christmas

Slush Puppies

OK this is not a current favorite thing but when I was in college there was this Darimart near where I lived and they had a slush puppy machine and I used to drink them at least five times a week. I seem to remember that blue was my favorite.

1970s Dixie Riddle Cups

Dixie Riddle Cups, loved these, thought they were so funny when I was a kid.

I bet Mom still has mine

cute holly hobbie lunch box and thermos. I LOVED Holly Hobbie growing up. I have a lunch box similar to this but it's orange

Hollie Hobbie

I had a blue Holly Hobbie doll and cushion; my sister had a red Holly Hobbie doll cushion.

OMG Barbie Townhouse! Sweet memories

Barbie Townhouse with elevator. Of course my sister and I would jerk the cord on the elevator really hard to make Barbie come shooting out of the top of the dream house.