Disturbingly hilarious!

the Pocahontas one made me laugh for real: Little Mermaids, Funny Face, Funny Stuff, Disney Face Swaps, So Funny


Funny Cry for Help Ecard: I miss the age when I thought I would have my shit together by the time I was the age I am now.

tom delonge <3

One does not not simply sing a blink 182 song without a Tom Delonge accent.


Do it and then get upset when people ask u about it or give u their opinion.i just LOVE that

Bahahaha call me maybe

Boyfriend left girlfriend this epic gift - hahahahahh (NOT ME) I would sing: Hey heres some Midol, those cramps are crazy, and theres no bright side, still no baby!

@Molly Hawley camp!

"Girls ask the guys, it's always a surprise. Baby, do you like my sweater?" Sadie Hawkins Dance- Relient K


That's right bitch. So fuck off whore. Hey Amber Ziegler grow some ball and say what you have to say! You are fucking coward and a piece of shit who talks the talk now walk the walk bitch!

true that

If emergency strikes…

A hilarious situation showing a giant spider that is sitting right next to the emergency button. An ironic caption says that in case of emergency no one will want to push the button because of the bug.


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