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owl printed on top of sheet music . idea from Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled Sheet Music Crafts . the image is translucent to the musical score shows through .

Owl Lights Out Switch Plate Cover, #ModCloth

Owl Lights Out Switch Plate Cover. Remember the joy, when, as a little kid, your folks would turn out the lights and youd read by flashlight under the covers?

Perfect Ten-tickles Wall Decal, #ModCloth Kick Ass!!

Perfect Ten-tickles Wall Decal: Add a touch or two of whimsy – or even eight – to a blank wall in your abode with this tentacle wall decal!

Sea Creations Shower Curtain, #ModCloth

Sea Creations Shower Curtain: Dream up an aquatic plot that your comic books fans will adore as you shower behind this bold graphic shower curtain! Featuring a fearsome oversized octopus s…

owl tattoo

i always said i wanted an owl tattoo on my shoulder to tell me wise things to do.and someone has the placement down pat. i'm so doing this as my first.someday soon. but not an owl.yea or a falcon

Yes. :: Wooden Art Block made in the usa

This Is My Philosophy. Music Captures Our Heart's And Soul's Minds.