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On paper : the everything of its two-thousand-year history -A consideration of all things paper--the invention that revolutionized human civilization; its thousand-fold uses (and misuses); its sweeping influence on society; its makers, shapers, collectors, and pulpers--by the admired cultural historian.

The landscapes of 9/11 : a photographer's journey - In the emotional aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks, people from all walks of life created and encountered memorials to those who were murdered. This outpouring of grief and other acts of remembrance impelled photographer Jonathan Hyman to document and so preserve these largely impermanent, spontaneous expressions.

People, parasites, and plowshares : learning from our body's most terrifying invaders - vivid, visceral account of the biology, behavior, and history of parasites follows the interplay between these fascinating life forms and human society over thousands of years. Despommier focuses on long-term host-parasite associations, which have evolved to avoid or even subvert the human immune system.

A political companion to John Steinbeck - examines the most contentious political aspects of the author's body of work, from his early exploration of social justice and political authority during the Great Depression to his later positions regarding domestic and international threats to American policies.

Generation roe : inside the future of the pro-choice movement- A provocative report on the state of the pro-choice movement discusses its real-world role in the lives of today's women in spite of enduring taboos, providing coverage of such topics as abortion-recovery counseling, crisis pregnancy centers, anti-choice tactics and the threats posed to abortion medical professionals

Act like it's your business: branding and marketing strategies for actors

Would you kill the fat man? : the trolley problem and what your answer tells us about right and wrong

The Oxford handbook of women and gender in medieval Europe

The DREAMers : how the undocumented youth movement transformed the immigrant rights debate

A working people : a history of African American workers since emancipation - examines the economic, political and cultural forces that have built and broken America’s black workforce for centuries. From the abolition of slavery through the Civil Rights Movement and Great Recession, African Americans have been singularly disadvantaged members of the workforce, repeatedly denied access to the opportunities all Americans are to be afforded under the Constitution.

After slavery : race, labor, and citizenship in the reconstruction South - Focuses on labor and politics to help develop broader interpretive trends in the post-emancipation US South.

Queen Anne : the politics of passion - A sympathetic assessment of the rule of the early 18th-century monarch recounts how during her short 12-year reign she effectively united England and Scotland as a sovereign state to create the Kingdom of Great Britain, offering additional insight into the military victories that laid the foundations for Britain's future naval and colonial supremacy.

The allure of order : high hopes, dashed expectations, and the troubled quest to remake American schooling

Jim Crow Wisdom : Memory and Identity in Black America since 1940 - How do we balance the desire for tales of exceptional accomplishment with the need for painful doses of reality? How hard do we work to remember our past or to forget it? These are some of the questions that Jonathan Scott Holloway addresses in this exploration of race memory from the dawn of the modern civil rights era to the present.

Embedded librarianship : what every academic librarian should know - In the ongoing evolution of the academic library, embedded librarianship has become an important topic of debate across levels and departments. This book delves into the concept, examining everything from theory to best practices.

The why axis : hidden motives and the undiscovered economics of everyday life - A colorful examination of why people do what they do-- observed through the lens of incentives that can spur people to achieve-- as reviewed by two superstars revolutionizing economics.

White race discourse : preserving racial privilege in a post-racial society - exposes and explains the contradictory nature of the race discourse displayed by sixty-one white college students in the United States. While many scholars have written about the “racetalk” of whites, few have succeeded in bridging both the theoretical and methodological gaps between whiteness scholars and discourse analysts.

Black Moon : a novel - A tale set at the height of an insomnia epidemic finds Matt Biggs, one of the few remaining people capable of healthy sleep, desperately seeking the wife whose insomnia has driven her to madness; while a somnologist and a sleeping-pill dealer pursue a relationship and a young girl is forced to leave the comfort of her home.

Pitch perfect : how to say it right the first time, every time - Pitch Perfect teaches you how to overcome common communication pitfalls using McGowan’s simple Principles of Persuasion, which are highly effective and easy to learn, implement, and master. With Pitch Perfect you can harness the power of persuasion and have people not only listening closely to your every word but also remembering you long after you’ve left the room.

The crusades of Cesar Chavez : a biography - Pawel draws on thousands of documents and interviews to examine the myths and achievements marking the life of the iconic Latino labor leader and civil rights activist, portraying him as a flawed but brilliant strategist who was often at odds with himself.

Jackie & Campy : the untold story of their rocky relationship and the breaking of baseball's color line - Looks at the rivalry between African American Brooklyn Dodgers teammates Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella, whose attitudes toward integration and race relations differed so much that they became estranged for nearly ten years.

To the point : a dictionary of concise writing - Perfect for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively, this must-have guide to writing succinctly covers the basics, provides alternatives to thousands of wordy phrases and helps writers build a more concise vocabulary.

Seven flowers and how they shaped our world =Traces the histories of seven iconic flowers--including the rose, orchid, and opium poppy--to reveal the nature of their influence and rise to objects of billion-dollar industries.

Recovering place : reflections on Stone Hill -For many years, Taylor has lived in the Berkshire Mountains, where he writes and creates land art and sculpture. In a world of mobile screens and virtual realities, where speed is the measure of success and place is disappearing, his work slows down thought and brings life back to earth to give readers time to ponder the importance of place before it slips away.

The practical Drucker : applying the wisdom of the world's greatest management thinker - surprising insights and clear guidance on how to: engage employees and achieve outstanding performance; remedy destructive office politics and Foster innovation; ensure follow-through on good ideas and Handle a crisis; become a better decision maker; choose the best leadership style for different situations; do more with less and Steer clear of leadership traps; [and] avoid five deadly marketing sins.