A better way to grow cilantro

A Better Way to Grow Cilantro

A better way to grow Cilantro. Try this method for a fast, continuous crop. Wouldn't it be nice to have fresh cilantro growing right outside your kitchen door?

Free Green Onions for life! Too cool

I'll Never Pay Again: One Simple Way to Free Green Onions

Never-ending green onions - grow in your kitchen year round with just a few inches of water. Never buy green onions again!

Easy freezing excess ripe tomatoes. I did not know you could do this - this is a huge help! :-)

Alternative to canning: Too many tomatoes? Freeze them whole. Their texture changes some, so use them in cooked tomato recipes. So much easier than canning.

pea trellis

A previous pinner wrote: Raised bed gardening with rope/twine "trellis" for climbing beans and other climbing plants

DIY:  Build a Strawberry Tower - takes up a lot less room in the garden  holds 90 - 100 plants.

DIY: Build a Strawberry Tower - takes up a lot less room in the garden & holds 90 - 100 plants. - Strawberries have always scared me. I need to build this and learn how to grow strawberries.

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Very clever - milk jug planter. Or you could use any kind of plastic bottle if you don't have access to the milk bottles. Can u see these right outside the back door with herbs? Even outside an apt window. Very CLEVER!

Gather your veggies in here and use the hose to rinse them off before bringing them in the house! Great gift for gardeners!!

Oh boys.I have a new scout project for you. : ) DIY Veggie Hod - This is a neat basket to put your fresh picked veggies in. Once they are in the basket just turn the hose on them to rinse them off.

Space Saving Garden Idea | DIY  Crafts Tutorials

If you live in an apartment or do not have much room to garden, then use a garden pyramid to plant all kinds of things. They can work on balcony's, backyards and in the home. Space saving ideas for gardening.build up.

Alum helps hydrangeas stay perky. | 30 Insanely Clever Gardening Tricks

30 Insanely Clever Gardening Tricks

The Secret to Long-Lasting Hydrangea Arrangements - When you are arranging your cut flowers re-cut the stem and immediately stick the bottom of the stem in alum (found in the spice aisle), then arrange as usual. It’s easy and works! No more wilted blooms!

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