COOLEST THING EVER!!!   Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Summer nights here we come!

Glow in the dark bubbles - open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Link says it's hard to see glowing bubble. but it's worth a shot since they were using a glowing bubble solution not a glow stick.

vw camper van tent!!! I want it

Pining for a Volkswagen Camper but can't afford those cute Westfalia Campers? Well, you can still sleep in style with this retro-cool VW Camper Van Tent. Remember, if the van's a rockin' . the tent pole's snapped!

The 12 Hour Heated Socks - Where were these for my entire life ?

The 12 Hour Heated Socks - Hammacher Schlemmer. My first heated socks for skiing

What a cool idea, but doubt I'd wear it.

iXoundWear evolves the beer hat

Love this hat idea - it can hold your ipod! Perfect invention for those who listen to their ipod while jogging or exercising.

Inflatable Twister!  WANT!

The Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is the inflatable outdoor game that challenges up to 10 players to touch different colored dots on a playing surface using only their hands and feet.

Manliest Pacifier Ever

Funny pictures about Manliest Pacifier. Oh, and cool pics about Manliest Pacifier. Also, Manliest Pacifier.


Handmade notebook "Write down All the things" Journal. Sketchbook. Notepad. writing. Geek

HALO Heating Spoon by Burcu Bag, Amalia Monica, & Vinay Raj Somashekar » Yanko Design - Svpply

Halo heating spoon keeps your drink warm! This is just what I need, I hate Luke warm drinks!

Best wine glass ever.

because really, "who cares?"The Caloric Cuvee, The Calorie Counting Wine Glass, measures wine in easy 2 ounce increments while allowing you to see the correlated calories. But who cares?