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Volkswagen - Reduce Speed Dial - YouTube

Drunk Shopping via Jon Arnold

latest Unity Asset lets you see your actual hands — not just a rigged replica

PROFORMA_DROMe A/V Installation

FOVE VR Headset: Human Connection in a Virtual World - YouTube

Pizza Hut 'Blockbuster Box' on Vimeo

Sprite: portable and rugged. A totally different drone. by Ascent AeroSystems — Kickstarter

Drones L-A Series | Lehmann Aviation

Texting while driving is against the law and it can put you and other people on the road in serious danger. That can't be understated. However, when it's

Werk/Schau: Will 'art' for cash

Chip: The World's first $9 computer

Steam Greenlight :: Hot Lava

Turn signal gloves for cyclists will save lives

Holograms and VR are about to change our world in a big way.

Image result for ant man billboard

Ryoji Ikeda "supersymmetry" (2014/Commissioned by YCAM) supersymmetry.yca... Concept, Composition: Ryoji Ikeda in collaboration with Programming, Computer Graphics: Norimichi Hirakawa, Tomonaga Tokuyama, Yoshito Onishi Mechanics/Optics/Device Design: Norimichi Hirakawa Computer System Design: Tomonaga Tokuyama Technical Management: Norimichi Hirakawa, Tomonaga Tokuyama Electronics Design: Yoshito Onishi Curator: Kazunao Abe (YCAM) Co-curator: Patrick Gyger (Le Lieu Unique) Yamaguchi…

Why The Car Industry Still Builds Life-Size Clay Models | Co.Design | business + design

SWIRLING(Yellow & Black Custom Guitar)