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Line Square Dot (LSD) is a wonderfully minimalist and quite addictive collision JavaScript game by Franz Enzenhofer.

“A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.”

An entrepreneur is using virtual-reality headsets to try to cure vision disorders - Quartz

The cool science behind how the Lexus hoverboard works

Part desk clock, part object d'art, the Ferrolic Display is a guaranteed conversation starter. Created by designer Zelf Koelman, it consists of an aquarium-like tank holding metallic Ferro Fluid and a series of powerful electromagnets that allow it to influence...

Homemade flubber for kids

virtual gravity - the physical weight of data on Vimeo

Centograph: Dynamic Bar Charts Show Keyword Popularity

1992 - Durrell Bishop’s Marble Answering Machine

Chaotic Flow "Take physical data, crunch it, output it back to physical"

Make a Bunch of Vrooming and Squealing Car Noises, and VW Will Turn It Into a Video via Leslie Jones

Emoto Installation on Vimeo

This Robot Learned to Make Pizza By Watching YouTube, Reading WikiHow | Observer

Motion-controlled Servos with Leap Motion & Raspberry Pi

APRS Tracking System Flies Your Balloons | Hackaday

Super-strong robot pulls heavy loads - YouTube

LEDs Strips Tell You the Trains Aren’t Running | Hackaday