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1.12k Pins

The Bioo Team presents Bioo Lite, the plant pot that charges your phone with electricity from plants' photosynthesis. The system inludes a…

Attenborough. Pokemon. It's the show we've all been waiting for.

The Only Bookshelf You Will Ever Need project video thumbnail

Researchers invent “smart” thread that collects diagnostic data when sutured into tissue

How to Take a Field Trip to Mars via @walklooney

Door lock that is activated by opening an incognito window

I thought using your finger to flick a ball was not very realistic, so I improved the game! Patreon -…

Amsterdam's answer to Pókemon Go doesn't require a phone and is fun to play on your commute

Baby Vitals Monitor - Smartphone Baby Monitor - Owlet Care - Owlet Vitals Monitor


Baby Gigl is a smart baby bottle holder that monitors how much your baby drinks from the bottle. Additionally, Baby Gigl tracks…



TRNDlabs Pokédrone: The solution that delivers the power of catching ‘em all! - YouTube

The Scribble Pen can recognize and replicate any color you choose.

Videos With an Automatic Assist

The Floppotron - Cover of Imperial March by computer hardware orchestra.

Katey (Grey/Pink)

This web instrument will compose your next low-budget sci-fi movie score

Get running now to draw the shape of a prize with this custom running site, for a chance to win that prize.

Volkswagen - The Human Crossing

Kit Kat: Virtual Staring Contest Vending Machine Brazil - YouTube