Gift IDEAS - Gift Box Idea For the Boys

Gift Box Ideas: For the Boys

Gift IDEAS - Housewarming Gift In A Jar

House warming gift: Strawberry jam Cupcake liners Dish towels Striped paper straws Scented candle Meyers dish soap Bag clips Glass jar (of course)

Gift IDEAS - Spa In A Jar

Spa In A Jar ~ Gifts In A Jar

Great Ideas for Your DIY Gifts - love this spa in a jar gift idea. any mason jar gift is cute though.

Gift IDEAS - A Warm Welcome Gift

Leaving a small gift in guests' hotel rooms before they arrive is a personable way to greet them. Tea -- presented with wonderful accessories or…

Gift IDEAS - Thoughtful Gift Basket

Last Minute Holiday Gift. Southern Style.

Gift IDEAS - Dinner in a basket

A beautiful way to brighten a new mum's life: a gift basket filled with goodies.That way she can eat and drink in bed, ripping off pieces of bread and chunks of cheese, much to her delight, I'm sure!

Gift IDEA - Grilling Kit with homemade BBQ sauce and a homemade rub

38 Best DIY Food Gifts

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Breakfast Basket Hostess Gift: Banana Bread, Honey Butter and Coffee and a Pretty Tea Towel

Holiday Guide Has Great Ideas for Gift Givers Who Love Eco-Friendly and Handmade

Breakfast Hostess Gift: Banana Bread, Honey Butter, Coffee Beans, Tea Towel in a basket.

Sorry no link - Bake a batch of cornbread in a small cast iron skillet, add some jam and herb butter and a few fresh pieces of fruit.  Wrap a bow around the basket.

Make Your Own Gift Baskets - DIY Gift Basket Ideas - Country Living Long after this from-scratch cornbread gets gobbled up, the cast-iron skillet will continue to please.

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8 DIY Gift Baskets Perfect For Being A Good Neighbor

Perfect Morning Gift Basket (A hot beverage, mug, spoon, biscotti, bookstore giftcard or magazine/newspaper subscription! - All wrapped up in a wire basket with newspaper.

Spaghetti dinner housewarming gift. Fantastic idea of using the colander as a basket!

Gift Basket Ideas

Spaghetti dinner housewarming gift (or wedding shower gift?love using the colander as a basket!

Ice cream toppings diy package - silent auction idea?

Ice Cream Sundae Basket and Free Printables from Inspired My Delicious Ambiguity: DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

Home maintenance housewarming gift basket, could take some ideas from this for aback to school present

35 Housewarming Gifts That Will Make You the Best Guest Ever

gift basket idea. I love using the colander- something practical instead of just abox that might not be reused.

This is a cute Pasta Night gift for a house warming party. Now someone have a house warming party.

Great summer hostess gift - fill a lantern (IKEA has good, cheap ones) with booze, cute napkins/straws, citrus reamer, mixer, lemon, and bar snack.

Clever Hostess Gift Idea ~ The next time you’re invited to a barbecue or cocktail party, tote a lantern filled with bar essentials.

Someone has a new home! Maybe its a friend or relative or you may have a new neighbor! This jar will be perfect for their new kitchen or laundry/mudroom and they will love Mrs. Meyers products.  When giving a gift, if its something you love, chances are your friend will too.  Thats the art of gift giving! This site has creative gift ideas for every occasion.

37 Recipes How To Make Gifts In A Jar . Homemade gifts in a jar which are really easy and very thrifty to make! by Laurie Homemade gifts in a jar are easy and cheap to make!