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skin like kali and eyes fierce enough too! - [indigenous woman, india]

Lambs Breath • Indigenous woman, India

sir terry pratchett, rip

another appearance made visible — This is the best photo ever taken of Terry...

informative ancient egyptian comics - kendra josie kirkpatrick

hold hands with the monsters. sing each other to sleep.

Do not choose a god according to their might. Might is vain, transient, and does not lead to rightness. Nor should you choose them according to which of them seems most likely to exist. Simply existing is no assurance of goodness. Rather, ask of your heart, “What is your unreasonable wish?” Ask the same of the hearts of gods. When you find that god whose wish is your wish, then your hearts will be like one heart, and your mission will be one mission. Serve none unless this is true.

Ariadne's Axe: How to Choose a Patron

hades and persephone - matthew kocvara

Hades and Persephone Print by Matthew Kocvara

unreasonable wish - magick from scratch

death [julia iredale] - ostara tarot

the storm - claudia-sg [dA]

The Storm. by Claudia-SG on DeviantArt

zeus, the starry-eyed rescue owl [capsular cataracts] FEELSSS

Meet Zeus: The Rescued Blind Owl With Stars In His Eyes

the garden of death - hugo simberg, 1896

subject to change without notice

the greenman - cyril barreaux

subject to change without notice

mythical creatures diagram [i am delighted that 'human' is included] - jez kemp

Another Boring Tumblr : Photo

hecate - jeffrey l davis/ icmusincubus [dA]

Hecate by IcmusIncubus on DeviantArt

vanth - thalia took

Vanth, Ancient Etruscan Guide of Souls

alphabet glyphs

Hekate Ennodia Igemoni

Hekate Enodia - j blackthorn [redbubble]

Hekate Enodia by jblackthorn

the ancient greek doctrine of the elements - john opsopaus

The Elements: Introduction

i ♥ joan of arc - albert lynch, 1903

Only Fools And Vikings

magical perfumes of arthur gauntlet

Perfumes of Arthur Gauntlet

untitled [mermaid] - hook woojin/ hoooook [dA]

Untitled-2-4 by hoooook on DeviantArt

mermaid - hook wookin/ hoooook [dA]

Mermaid by hoooook on DeviantArt

atmospheeeeeere... summoner - jakub rozalski

summoner Art Print by Jakub Rozalski