Grunge fashion

Cutest outfit for autumn time! Will be definitely investing in these key wardrobe essentials soon. (why you'd need a cassette take with this I have no idea, but the rest is cute)

Grunge, Hipster, Indie Fashion. whole outfit hair to toe is perfect

usually don't like skirts but I LOVE, would totally wear- Grunge, Hipster, Indie Fashion. whole outfit hair to toe is perfect

peter pan collar. Is it weird that I'd wear this? Meh, dun curr. I'd wear it.

the peter pan collar is great, it's almost got a grown-up Wednesday Addams feel to it, love it

Grunge Fashion on We Heart It.

In the the grunge look was very "in" and so were short jackets that hugged the body. Leather become a very popular fabric, but most girls went for imitation leather instead of the real thing. Another big fashion trend among girls was the petticoat dress.

Reminds me of the 90s grunge fashion

Love this.Cozy red flannel, white tee shirt, grey beanie and scarf, black pants, and brown bag and boots for the colder days going into winter!

Some days I want to look borderline ballerina-ish, other days I want to look like a homeless heroin addict from the 90s and there's no happy medium

shoes combat boots crop tops high waisted short shorts sunglasses shirt blouse- I would wear this all the time

Being Grunge

STUDDED Vintage DENIM SHORTS Full Stud front Highwaisted Grunge Punk Bohemian Distressed Spike Studs xxs xs IF I were to do the high-waisted short, this would be how I'd do it.