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Vintage 1970s Baby Toy Fisher Price Chime Ball - I wonder if my mom still has ours...

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Vintage Toys 1970S | SALE Fisher price garage toy vintage 1970 toy by ThePantages

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Fisher Price Horse

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fisher price vintage

The Home of Bambou: Little Vintage Lovers
  • Allison Lund
    Allison Lund

    We had this one!

1981 ad for Lego - glad I grew up in the 80s...

1981 ad for Lego
  • Louise Casey
    Louise Casey

    Love this! So much better than this new "Lego Friends" girl-Lego junk! That's the face I want to see on my daughter.

  • Nicole Ferguson
    Nicole Ferguson

    Great realistic building! Those crazy ones they push now are way beyond my 5 year old.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    I do believe that is a very young Lindsey Lohan

  • Louise Casey
    Louise Casey

    The Doctor Lindsay Lohan was born in '86. :/

  • Tamara Overly Powers
    Tamara Overly Powers

    Too long be Lindsey


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  • Hope Casseri
    Hope Casseri

    This one caused problems in our family~~~

  • Molly McGill
    Molly McGill

    we had so many reels to look at. I loved them.

  • Betty Mccabe
    Betty Mccabe

    I remember those, I used to paid $1 peso(mexico) to a guy in order to see these.Still have one in red color.

  • Image3D

    As You Grow- that's us! Make custom reels all day long :-)

  • Jose C
    Jose C

    I got mine online at http://viewmaster.storenvy....

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happy apple

Fisher Price Happy Apple Toy 1972
  • Cathy MacDonald
    Cathy MacDonald

    I'm pretty sure my 2nd/3rd Grade teacher had one of these . . . .

  • Sally Hewitt
    Sally Hewitt

    OMG this is still in my grams toy box.. still works she's 90 & I'm 47 :) love it!

  • Sally Bomaster
    Sally Bomaster

    my son had one of these

  • Katie Kinnamon
    Katie Kinnamon

    I don't know why, but this was one the best baby toys ever. We had two and my brother chewed the stem off of one.

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    Still have this in my classroom!!!!!!

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fisher price love

Michelle DuPuis Photography | 10/5/2011 4:16 PM
  • Tabitha Stuart
    Tabitha Stuart

    This was one of my favorites!

  • Linda Matile
    Linda Matile

    I remember this! Kids today wouldn't know what a record player is.

  • Allison N
    Allison N

    My mom still has mine and now my 2 year old loves playing with it!

  • 8+ million products on sale. Free WorldWide Delivery 8+ million products on sale. Free WorldWide Delivery

    Ohh good memories :)

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    Still have mine too!!!! It was my daughters later. Now it will be for her baby.

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not a toy but this does bring back memories....

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  • Sheila Aidukas
    Sheila Aidukas

    Freshman year of college in the huge lounge of my building. I think there were more than 10 of us playing. good times.

  • Poet in the Pantry
    Poet in the Pantry

    My kids do this EVERY DAY.

  • Kau Vue
    Kau Vue

    what? i still do this today...although the floor is no longer lava and i'm doing it because i'm hanging something and don't want to pick up the chair and move it again. ;D

  • kaili hannon
    kaili hannon

    me and my lil bros and sis's play that a lllll the time and i'm 12!!!

  • Radwa El Maghrabi
    Radwa El Maghrabi

    i still do that

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fisher price toot toot train

Rust & Sunshine: Nursery Tour - Part II
  • Lesley Maly
    Lesley Maly

    I still have mine!!

  • Page Wolf
    Page Wolf

    I still have mine too!!

my old teddy bear

Nursery Tour - Part II
  • Danielle Bitz
    Danielle Bitz

    Wow, I have a darker version of this bear. His name is Bobby and he still sleeps with my 31-year-old self LOL!

  • Allyn Byrd
    Allyn Byrd

    Do you know what brand /maker this was? I have a bunny that looks so similar and I've been trying to find an original for years!

  • michele m.
    michele m.

    the tag on mine is too old and dirty to tell anything :/

  • Michelle DuPuis
    Michelle DuPuis

    Allyn Byrd nope. Mine lost its tag long ago.

  • Allyn Byrd
    Allyn Byrd

    Mines 28 years old...and is missing limbs its been loved so much over the years. Anyone that could help , would be greatful!

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Fisher Price Marching Band #fisher_price #vintage

Rust & Sunshine: Nursery Tour - Part II
  • Jessica Keefer
    Jessica Keefer

    oh, wow- I used to have this set! I probably havent thought about that in 25 years!

  • Martie Self
    Martie Self

    The fisher price circus set was awesone

Melody Push Chime

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  • Kristen Bancroft
    Kristen Bancroft

    My sister enjoyed this, but I think the noise drove everyone else mad.

crystal barbie - I had this one.

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  • Christi Wampler
    Christi Wampler

    God, I loved this Barbie!

  • Crystal Carney
    Crystal Carney

    she was my favorite!

  • Jennifer Smith Holland
    Jennifer Smith Holland

    me too!!

  • Ceci Catalin
    Ceci Catalin

    me too!!! =)

  • Allison Lund
    Allison Lund

    We had this one!!!

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Hot Wheels Service Center

The Retro Machine (Vol. 17)
  • Allison Lund
    Allison Lund

    Oh wow, i totally forgot about this! We had this and would play with it for hours!

Little Golden Books

Nursery Tour: Penny Lou's Ode to Mary Blair Art
  • Shelley Grant
    Shelley Grant

    I remember getting a new one every week in the grocery store. They were in the cereal aisle. Then you say under the cart and read it during the rest of shopping.

wish i had one!

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Bouncing Horse

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  • Frances Marie
    Frances Marie

    my second daughter would ride hers for hours!!!

  • Skyler James
    Skyler James

    We were just talking about Bouncing Horse!!!

Fisher Price Doll House

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  • Dawn Maker
    Dawn Maker

    I have was a hand me down from my daughter plays with it now....

  • Teri Lynn McAllister Bjornlie
    Teri Lynn McAllister Bjornlie

    Still have mine with all the the furniture. Too bad the foam on the beds just didn't last!

  • Jennifer Smith Holland
    Jennifer Smith Holland

    I had this dollhouse and now my little one plays with it!

  • * L!se *
    * L!se *

    Especially loved the door bell!

  • Stephanie Laurent
    Stephanie Laurent

    I still have mine. Passed it onto my daughter. :)

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Before Gran Turismo there was Mille Bornes...

scrapfreakintastic!: 10 Things Tuesday-Favourite Childhood Games
  • Shelby Austin
    Shelby Austin

    I still have this one!

  • Stephanie Chisholm
    Stephanie Chisholm

    This is/was my favorite game! I would sit and play with my mom and grandparents!! My grandmother gave me their old set recently and I treasure it!!

Fisher Price Bear Puzzle

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  • Alexis Grohs
    Alexis Grohs

    we have this puzzle

  • Carrie Skovrinskie
    Carrie Skovrinskie

    I still have mine!

  • Mollie Wenger
    Mollie Wenger

    I still have mine too! It has gone through all 3 of my kids. I can't believe how touched I am at seeing this. ;}

  • Jwalk

    @Diane Walkenshaw Did I have this puzzle?

Playskool Bristle Blocks!

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This is the one I had.

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  • Molly Davis
    Molly Davis

    I had this one too! I had a bunch of them, actually. I still remember the smell of the weird plastic they were made of.

  • Kim P
    Kim P

    I loved that smell!

  • Jodie Allen
    Jodie Allen

    I still have mine and my daughters play with it! :)

  • Renee Keele
    Renee Keele


  • Sarah M.
    Sarah M.

    Windy! ♥ My daughter loves them now to!

Care Bears

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  • Alice Kaur
    Alice Kaur


  • Lindsey Downey
    Lindsey Downey

    I had these! Oh memories...