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Vintage TOYS

Remember when....

Vintage TOYS

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Queen Buzzy Bee

Fisher Price Horse

fisher price vintage

The Home of Bambou: Little Vintage Lovers
  • Allison Lund
    Allison Lund

    We had this one!

1981 ad for Lego - glad I grew up in the 80s...

1981 ad for Lego
  • Louise Casey
    Louise Casey

    Love this! So much better than this new "Lego Friends" girl-Lego junk! That's the face I want to see on my daughter.

  • Nicole Ferguson
    Nicole Ferguson

    Great realistic building! Those crazy ones they push now are way beyond my 5 year old.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    I do believe that is a very young Lindsey Lohan

  • Louise Casey
    Louise Casey

    The Doctor Lindsay Lohan was born in '86. :/

  • Tamara Overly Powers
    Tamara Overly Powers

    Too long be Lindsey

Techie DIY: Custom Fisher Price Records with 3D Printing Star Wars theme song!

Techie DIY: Custom Fisher Price Records with 3D Printing
  • JuliaB

    No way! Wow!

Fisher Price Camera- ♥

Oh, No! Mama's Off Her Meds, Again.: First Camera

fisher price camera

Fisher Price Camera - Urban Outfitters
  • Rodrigo Essinger
    Rodrigo Essinger

    @Bruna Berford

Vintage Fisher Price Family Play Farm Animals Barn Silo Tractor Truck 1967 1986

  • Teri Lynn McAllister Bjornlie
    Teri Lynn McAllister Bjornlie

    Loved the Little People. This was when they were still little and not intended for children under the age of three. Now FP makes them "chunky" people as we call them for toddlers. Both my kids played with both sets and loved them. The one toy I don't dare get rid of in a garage sale!

  • Laurie

    I had this when I was a kid!

  • Deena Leigh
    Deena Leigh

    I had every set imaginable...loved these so much!

  • Faye Forbes
    Faye Forbes

    Grandkids are playing with now had 6 sets...luv em'

  • Allison Lund
    Allison Lund

    I had this one!

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  • Hope Casseri
    Hope Casseri

    This one caused problems in our family~~~

  • Molly McGill
    Molly McGill

    we had so many reels to look at. I loved them.

  • Betty Mccabe
    Betty Mccabe

    I remember those, I used to paid $1 peso(mexico) to a guy in order to see these.Still have one in red color.

  • Image3D

    As You Grow- that's us! Make custom reels all day long :-)

  • Jose C
    Jose C

    I got mine online at http://viewmaster.storenvy....

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happy apple

  • Cathy MacDonald
    Cathy MacDonald

    I'm pretty sure my 2nd/3rd Grade teacher had one of these . . . .

  • Sally Hewitt
    Sally Hewitt

    OMG this is still in my grams toy box.. still works she's 90 & I'm 47 :) love it!

  • Sally Bomaster
    Sally Bomaster

    my son had one of these

  • Katie Kinnamon
    Katie Kinnamon

    I don't know why, but this was one the best baby toys ever. We had two and my brother chewed the stem off of one.

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    Still have this in my classroom!!!!!!

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vintage wood puzzle pieces made into magnets

  • Kari McRae
    Kari McRae

    I soo remember those exact pieces.. Vintage.... Fabulous .. Guess that means I'm vintage too

  • Danielle Minogue-Dalley
    Danielle Minogue-Dalley

    I still have that puzzle. My kids play with it now :)

  • Tes Stobaugh aka The Lacquered Landlubber
    Tes Stobaugh aka The Lacquered Landlubber

    That's a great idea for any wooden puzzles where you only have a few pieces left, love it!

  • Hanna Berger
    Hanna Berger

    What a great DIY!!!

I want a Care Bear hoodie!

Brombeertje | Paspelpoezen
  • BrianandMaryann Marseglia
    BrianandMaryann Marseglia

    Sharon Pomeroy. Cute!

  • Alison Hardebeck
    Alison Hardebeck

    @Natalie Murphy

  • Jean Russell
    Jean Russell

    Celine Hertz I think this needs to be added to your product line!

  • Courtney Martin
    Courtney Martin

    omg, Wy needs this~

Pillow People

  • Crystal Benedetti
    Crystal Benedetti

    i had both of those. i forgot about them.

  • Alikanakila

    omg my sis n i had these exact ones

  • Kristin N.Apodaca
    Kristin N.Apodaca

    My Sister had the one on the right my mom now uses it as a chair cushion for her desk lol

  • Krista Nugent
    Krista Nugent

    Jaana Peltekian - didn't you have one of these?

  • Sandra Garcia Bletzer
    Sandra Garcia Bletzer

    Amora Didia you had the girl!

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FP Plane

  • Angie Onions
    Angie Onions

    I had one!

  • Heather Cook
    Heather Cook

    my sisters and I had all the little people sets. I wish I had kept them for my girls

  • Mandi Marco
    Mandi Marco

    My son totally has this!!

  • Sharon McKeown
    Sharon McKeown

    this takes me back

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Screwball Scramble - I have been trying to remember the name of this game and I just found it on my nephew's Amazon wishlist! So much fun!

  • Curtis Farmer
    Curtis Farmer

    I played it all the time as a kid and we found it on sale 4 years ago in the Japan pavilion at EPCOT Center in Disneyworld. Had to buy it!

  • FourthGradeNothing

    I knew this game as Run Yourself Ragged.

  • Natalie Dobina
    Natalie Dobina

    Omg, I loved this thing as a kid! My parents still have it, my kids love playing it now.

  • Holly Elmer
    Holly Elmer

    My mother still has ours & my kids LOVE to play it when we visit her. She still has it in the original box and it's called Run Yourself Ragged. Such a great game!

  • Christy Lavoie
    Christy Lavoie

    this is Run Yourself Ragged! I have that one my closet!

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Tupperware Busy Blocks - Loved these as a kid!

  • Rozz Grigsby
    Rozz Grigsby

    My MIL just remodeled and found my husband's set. My son plays with them constantly now!

  • Joy Elise
    Joy Elise

    My daughters had so much fun with this, and now my grandbaby girl is having fun with it.

  • Lisa Truett
    Lisa Truett

    I think mine had little animals in them....played with them all the time!!!

  • Brandi Dickson
    Brandi Dickson

    we have some of these at the daycare i work at

  • Karla Lohaus-Fast
    Karla Lohaus-Fast

    I still have my set!

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Fisher Price Tree Ornaments!

  • Jenny Aubrey
    Jenny Aubrey

    Do they have the cool old phone with the pull string? He was my favorite!

  • Michelle DuPuis
    Michelle DuPuis

    Yes, but he's much more expensive! http://www.hookedonhal...

  • Kristin Bolsch
    Kristin Bolsch

    i love this!

  • wladimir ilich
    wladimir ilich

    ohhh i remember this ......realy nice toy!!!!

  • Emily Boyle
    Emily Boyle

    I'm about to blow your mind with the telephone:

Puffy stickers - Now I want to start collecting stickers again!

Children of the 90s: Sticker Collections
  • Barb Ohberg Bronkhorst
    Barb Ohberg Bronkhorst

    Oh my, I am 10 again. I had so so many.

  • Jennifer McDonnell Arenella
    Jennifer McDonnell Arenella

    What a great memory!!

  • Jennifer McDonnell Arenella
    Jennifer McDonnell Arenella

    What a great memory!!

  • Katie Fig
    Katie Fig

    Wow, I remember playing with like 99% of the things in this board. Amazing! Those stickers were awesome!

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Silly Putty!

  • Ann Skidmore
    Ann Skidmore

    Who doesn't remember doing this on Sunday afternoons

  • Page Wolf
    Page Wolf

    Every Sunday...bring out the comics and the silly putty!

fisher price love

Michelle DuPuis Photography | 10/5/2011 4:16 PM
  • Tabitha Stuart
    Tabitha Stuart

    This was one of my favorites!

  • Linda Matile
    Linda Matile

    I remember this! Kids today wouldn't know what a record player is.

  • Allison N
    Allison N

    My mom still has mine and now my 2 year old loves playing with it!

  • 8+ million products on sale. Free WorldWide Delivery 8+ million products on sale. Free WorldWide Delivery

    Ohh good memories :)

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    Still have mine too!!!! It was my daughters later. Now it will be for her baby.

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not a toy but this does bring back memories....

  • Sheila Aidukas
    Sheila Aidukas

    Freshman year of college in the huge lounge of my building. I think there were more than 10 of us playing. good times.

  • Poet in the Pantry
    Poet in the Pantry

    My kids do this EVERY DAY.

  • Kau Vue
    Kau Vue

    what? i still do this today...although the floor is no longer lava and i'm doing it because i'm hanging something and don't want to pick up the chair and move it again. ;D

  • kaili hannon
    kaili hannon

    me and my lil bros and sis's play that a lllll the time and i'm 12!!!

  • Radwa El Maghrabi
    Radwa El Maghrabi

    i still do that

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  • Amy Arnold
    Amy Arnold

    The best toy my folks bought me. Well besides Smurfs :D

  • Heather L
    Heather L

    spirograph was so BOSS back in the day....the new versions are however, nowhere close to the original

  • Fantasy Kids Parties
    Fantasy Kids Parties

    All these things bring back so many memories. Thanks

  • 8+ million products on sale. Free WorldWide Delivery 8+ million products on sale. Free WorldWide Delivery

    I wish I still had mine :( :)

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Oh how I played speak and spell...

  • Alice Kaur
    Alice Kaur

    i used to have the red one !

  • Brooke @ Get Outta My Head Please
    Brooke @ Get Outta My Head Please

    this was my Fav toy I took it everywhere!

  • Rebecca Thomae Stewart
    Rebecca Thomae Stewart

    Oh my gosh! The Speak and Spell!!!! We LOVED this! Okay, well me more than my sister because I can spell, but still. ( ;

  • Adrienne Marie
    Adrienne Marie

    I still have these! :o)

  • Katie Fig
    Katie Fig

    I still have mine! I plan on letting my kids play with it or using it in my classroom once I'm a teacher!

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Woven-loop pot holders.

Kids Arts and Crafts Sets and Gifts
  • Carrie McClung
    Carrie McClung

    I used to make those 30 years ago!!!

  • Francey Littrell
    Francey Littrell

    I love these. Made some during my last pregnancy.

  • Kacie 'Jackson' Miller
    Kacie 'Jackson' Miller

    I made these all the time.

  • Julie Allen
    Julie Allen

    I loved making these... except when it came to finishing that last corner. LOL

  • Kristen Bancroft
    Kristen Bancroft

    They still make kits for these.

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Banana clips!

Fourth Grade Nothing
  • Rebecca Thomae Stewart
    Rebecca Thomae Stewart

    Ohhhhhhhh the memories!

  • Liz Mulder
    Liz Mulder

    i use one all the time! love them!

  • Mipreciosaluna

    I remember them.

  • Laurie Field
    Laurie Field

    Loved these!! made my straight hair look like a squirals tail

  • Debby Ferrara
    Debby Ferrara

    I still have some. These are great! Is that weird?

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