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Photography Tips: Over 100 Tutorials- some great tips that will help you capture those special occasions, holidays and events!

Photography Tips: Over 100 Tutorials - Click it Up a Notch

Check out this photograher. She has some great ideas for kids and babies photo shoots. Shira Z Photography Blog » » page 7

Sweet A | Long Island Baby Photographer | Shira Z. Photography

10 Steps to Better Photos - Discover Digital Photography

So cute! 30 Outstanding Examples Of How To Take A Family Photos

30 Outstanding Examples Of How To Take A Family Photos


Photography tips

how your camera lens affects your photograph

Choosing Your Lens | What's the Difference? - Clickin Moms

cheat sheet, gives you the best camera settings for all sorts of shoots

Night light settings

The rule of thirds.... (This site has TONS of photo helps, tips, and tricks. Awesome!!!!)

How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits With Natural Light Avoid open sky behind your subject. Open sky is great behind YOU, but not so great behind your subject. If you are properly exposing for your subject’s skin tones, that sky will blow out and be nothing but one big, ugly, distracting white blob in your photo that will steal attention from your subject.

How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits With Natural Light

Learn Tips And Tricks From The Best Photography Cheat Sheets

Learn DSLR basics from the site. clickitupanotch! - Click image to find more Photography Pinterest pins

Cheat Sheet: How to Get Metering and Exposure Right | re-pinned this because we are trying to make the pinup community a little bit better.

Lightroom workflow suggestion 1. Camera Calibration (raw images only) 2. Crop 3. Reduce Noise 4. White Balance 5. Exposure and other Basic sliders 6. Tone Curve 7. HSL 8. Local Area Adjustments 9. Effects (Vignette) 10. Sharpen

Workflow Order - Don't Sweat It!

Lightroom Tone Curve

Double Exposure Tutorial by LashelleValentine.

Double Exposure Tutorial by LashelleValentine on deviantART

How to recover blown out skies using Adobe LightRoom and Photoshop. Image one is SOTC. Image 2: recover sky in lightroom but pulling highlight and whites slider to the left. Image 3: global contrast and sharpening plus texture overlay for color pop.

Editing: How to recover overexposed skies | Jo's PhotoMojo

5 minute exercise to improve your photography

Creative Photography Exercise: 5 Minutes - Click it Up a Notch

a sparkler photography tutorial: how to write with sparklers and catch it on camera!

{long distance loving}

How to Use the Split Toning Tool in Lightroom. www.iheartfaces.c...

How to Use the Split Toning Tool in Lightroom |


processing | my lightroom workflow - Clickin Moms

great visual on aperture/shutter speed/iso and how they work together at different settings

The Best Photography Cheatsheets

Easy to understand tutorial about resizing photos in PSE. Also talks about the difference b/w cropping and resizing.

Photoshop Elements – Cropping vs. Resizing

5 Things to KNow About Photoshop Brushes: Brushes are used a lot in photo editing from removing blemishes and smoothing skin to dodging and burning and painting on masks. Here are five important features of the brush tool in Photoshop. 1. Adjust Size, Opacity and Hardness from the Keyboard When a brush is selected you can adjust its size without having to …