Chihuahua sleeping....

These three little Chis look warm and cozy in their bubble bath together. Do your Chihuahuas take bubble baths?

Chihuahua Love!!

Who can resist those big eyes and sweet puppy face grin?


Ella Bea From Rags to Riches. She now lives with designer Linda Higgins, and gives back to other shelter doggies.

Chihuahua. Lol cute

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Meet the tiny Jack Russell Chihuahua-cross puppy whose face is the size of a piece aww isnt he/she is so cute

Pinata Chi

Halloween contest

halloweencrafts: DIY Halloween Dog Piñata Costume Tutorial from Studio DIY here. Truebluemeandyou: Why? Because I love dogs and piñatas!

Chi pretty in pink

Chi pretty in pink. Looks like my girl Rica

Sweetheart Chi

- I've always wanted one of these - for more from Mexico, visit…

Heaven....I'm in Heaven,

Friday is always pizza day. This looks like my baby Daisy! and she'd totally snatch my pizza slice!