History of Metals Infographic. The development of civilization has relied heavily on the discovery of metals. Prehistoric man used metals to build tools and weapons and as they do now.

The history of metals visualized on a timeline infographic. See when humans first discovered gold, silver, iron, and many other metals.

Mining for iron ore is environmentally destructive and unnecessary since steel is infinitely recycable.

Anyone who has lived in Pittsburgh, PA develops an interest in steel or they are just out to lunch while living there. Guide To Steel Infographic

Kwadratura koła i trójkąta. – Nie ma rzeczy niemożliwych, są tylko trudne do…

Antique Tool Exhibit at Museum in KC (lots of photos)

For those that have watched this come together it is finally finished and open! 'Labour, Craftsman, Artist - 300 years of Fine Tools'.

One Of The Highest-Paid Jobs You Can Get Out Of College Is One Some People Never Even Think Twice About

One Of The Highest-Paid Jobs You Can Get Out Of College Is One I've Never Even Thought Twice About

Mike Rowe

Popular TV host, pitchman and manufacturing advocate Mike Rowe might just be the patron saint hard work always seems to need.

Debunking 3 big myths about manufacturing jobs

There's even now 1 matter missing from this booming economic system: Fatter paychecks - Prices Hall