make glass sets from old bottles, using a glass cutting technique with yarn, nail polish remover and a flame!

Saw the pin earlier about cutting glass, but I'm sold using old bottles. If I can only find the pin again. make glass sets from old bottles, using a glass cutting technique with yarn, nail polish remover and a flame!

25 clever tips to make life easier.

Prevent a sliced apple from browning with a rubber band. Cut apple and place rubber band over it and put in your kids lunch box.

fire bowl.

How to Make a Rock Bowl Flame

DIY table top fire "pits" - Bold Beautiful Brainy - A Life Well Lived: Project Rock + Bowl + Flame ( 31 DIY Projects for Busy Gals)


Superficial snack: rainbow water-marbled nails

Tie Dye Nails: Get a bowl of water Pour little bits of all the different shades you want (it should float on the top) Swirl with a toothpick, (Until it looks how you want) Then dip your nails through the water.


NO EXCUSES! Home workout [Note to self: add 1 min plank to rotation and instead of burpees do mountain climbers and/or spiderman crawls). No excuses. Even if the day is hectic at least do this exercise at home

This would give me great joy. I can't believe I live in a first-world country in 2012 and not everyone has all of their rights. it kills me to know many of my friends may never have the opportunity to get married. i have the privilege to and i have no desire to exercise it. we should at least make it equal.

before i die: see gay marriage legalized everywhere. i don't believe we have the right to tell people who they can love and marry.

Me and @Denise Skender will be doing this over the break. So much better than my other idea!!

Crafting Rebellion: Rock Your iPhone. DIY cell phone case use glue

I will be making this soon.

I try to think this when I feel like I’ll never be good enough for him. I am the one who decides my happiness, not a boy. I am whole without anyone else. He is in me and I complete me.


Brown sugar and coconut oil body scrub (plus other beauty recipes)Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub Peppermint Sugar Foot Scrub Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Lemon Sugar Scrub Citrus Bliss Sugar Scrub Cubes

25 Handmade Gifts Under $5

25 Handmade Gifts Under $5

16 Gift In A Jar Recipes including Quick bread in a bottle: Cool weather puts us in the mood to bake. So why not give a friend a head start? Layer the dry ingredients for this easy quick bread into a milk bottle or mason jar.

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