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Kitchen Witch love pentacle trivet

Vintage Witch Triquetra Pentagram Altar Iron Trivet by theblackcatcloset on Etsy

A good blessing before a family feast.

Pagan Serenity Prayer - i love this. I had the Serenity prayer tattooed on my right arm four years ago.

Book of Shadows:  The key to all mythology.

A Mapp Shewing The Order & Causes of Salvation & Damnation A broadside comparing and contrasting different ways of life by John Bunyan; an engraving with a schematic tree showing two developments of the line of grace and the line of justice


Smudge blessing by Wicca Yvonne ( Magickal Moonie's Sanctuary


Lovely Goddess sweet and true bless me now in all I do. So mote it be.