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turn any card into a notebook

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Idea for old cards

How to: reuse old birthday cards | Making This Home

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Sandra'S Creative

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lots of old things to turn into beautiful Christmas cards or decorations

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Christa Powell

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Gift tags made out of old greeting cards

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love the idea of saving old cards in a book!

What to do with old cards and letters | The Art of Simple

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I knew I would find something to do with all the old cards I'd been saving! #kids #crafts

Kids' Paper Crafts

Midwest Livingfrom Midwest Living

50 Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Made from Old Christmas Cards!

47 Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Uses for old Greeting Cards

Recycling Greeting Cards: Impress Your SPONSORED Kids

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

A First Birthday Time Capsule

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birthday time capsule for 2 year old - letter, pictures, newspaper, birthday cards - TO DO (and maybe plant a tree too

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Butterflies everywhere! Lovely way to #Reuse your old mail / letters / cards. #Recycle #DIY #Crafts | Source:

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Tutorial: make little paper boxes out of old greetings cards

Emmeline Illustration: Let's make some little boxes!