Let's all take a moment to marvel at Maeve and all her adorableness. And her perfect, pouty kitten month. And her plump, spotted bel...

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My name is Stefani & I'm I love to bake and make crafts. I'm married to a lovely fellow named Nathon, and spend my free time with him and our kitties, Kiwi, Colby Jack, & Cheeto.

MICHIGAN ~ meet ~ Small black male kitten that's in Ithaca. This cute little black male kitten was dropped off at Clean as a Wisker business. He needs a new home & he'd luv to be in a fur-ever home for the holidays. ~~~ GRATIOT HAS A C


* * " A woman's word iz never done. I knowz he's back der, waitin' on a 'soreez.' I gotta say it - he be my furred friend."


Gay - Boys - Men - NSFW I am a fan of the natural biological male. That is my preference - the biological male in all his glory. I am an older male, for some that means I am old enough to be your dad and others maybe just an older brother. For some...