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No idea how my Roomate pulled this off.

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Danish stand-up comedian Nikolaj Wulff ( shared this photo of his pet guinea pig getting REALLY excited about finding a piece of carrot. I have the same expression when I run across a slice of cake. Carrot cake, of course. Via I Can Has Cheezburger?

photobombing cat,,,

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Photos

This Is Photobomb - Surprise! Ruined Photos - photobomb that guy - Cheezburger

There's one in every family

for those Supernatural fans who does this remind you of?<< what about for the Sherlockians out there?

TOAD giving PEACE sign: On his Birthday, parents were teaching grandson Ollie to reply "I'm two years old", but when asked "How old are you?" He replied, "I too old" ~~~ TOO CUTE!

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I'm Mad At You - Folded Arm Frog ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor


~~Three Reinwardt’s flying frogs, commonly known as the black webbed tree frog or the green flying frog, pose for the camera

"Mom, he's pulling my ;leg again                                 "Mom---he's pulling my leg!!"

Red-eyed tree frogs by Nicolas Reusens. One climbs up the leg of another to get a hold on the branch, after he slipped off.

Wow Amazing

Wow Amazing

Tower o'frogs

Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies. Love how they're stacked on top of each other, like one big frog pile-up. :) So cute!

I will protect you

27 superbes images issues du National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015 (© Ajar Setiadi) - very sweet

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

attention all drama queens funny quotes lol funny quote funny quotes frog drama by

I'm # 1 !! I'm # 1 !!

he says fuck all yall! Not only can this frog stand on two legs, but it seems it can do so, while flipping the proverbial double bird (the flipper fucker finger! coolest frog EVER!

Indonesian photographer Aditya Permana captured an absolutely brilliant image of a bucolic forest dragon lying back on a twig and seemingly strumming a few chords on a guitar-shaped leaf. Permana a...

Bucolic Forest Dragon Lizard Appears to Strum a Guitar-Shaped Leaf While Resting Against a Twig

This photography of a forest dragon lizard playing guitar was taken by professional photographer Aditya Permana in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Itty Bitty Rainbow Frog - I think this little creature is so amazing!