The trick is to not let people know how weird you are until it's too late ! Its Too Late Baby. You Are Stuck !

Oh I love this, so true.

Disorders are extreme, constant abnormalities. Don't say "Im so OCD about this one thing; Im so depressed right now; I am so ADHD when i dont get enough sleep." Mental disorders should not be thrown around.

So Poetic It Hurts…

I can't stop laughing because this is so poetic and beautiful but it's also hilarious and I'm crying<<< it's the guy in Spongebob who was trying to make people feel sorry for him so he could sell more chocolate😂 I didn't realize until that comment

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I love teenage post so much! Most of them describe my life and they are just so funny too!


Running regularly takes a certain degree of motivation, but that doesn't mean runners don't need inspiration every day to keep up with their workouts. On days when you don't feel like slipping on your sneaks, read through these quotes to feel instantly

And then he won me over with chocolate milk.

We both said we weren't going to fall in love and I remember saying I just want to.tell you people always fall in love with me.and you smiled and said well im just not looking for that right now . We fell so deep in love.

Picture is stupid but quote is so true You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear - Oscar Wilde

I am ridiculously observant to somethings and then completely oblivious to other things Introvert

Happens all the time!

Teenager Post - I hate it when you're about to say something good and the topic changes. ~ Every time too!


I have to do this all the time then everyone sitting around me looks at me and says are you crazy just go up there and get them and I say yes I'm crazy but it works so why should I get up