Free, Friendship Ecard: Saying "Goodnight. I will Pin for 3 hours straight as a reward to myself for completing my day.

.Omg.. this is way to funny!

Someday our future kids will probably attend a middle school dance where the theme is They'll wear leggings with Ugg Boots and twerk to "Call me maybe". So true and slightly embarrassing for us!


Cats and Firemen

"Twas I that set the house ablaze" hahaha laughing so hard. Cats rescued by firemen

I love how coffee tricks me into thinking I'm in a good mood for about 27 minutes. Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 90 Pics


another selfie. I hope those 10 'likes' give you the confidence you need to get through your day (for those FB friends who feel the need to post selfies EVERY OTHER DAY)!

really need it......

It just makes sense. Saturday's are resting days after your week, and Sunday you are preparing for your week! Looking forward to a crazy Halloween week:)

Tom Hanks grabs a random drunk guy's phone for a photo op. I wonder how he felt the next morning when he saw this.- Tom Hanks is the greatest.

Not a true story. The guy in the picture asked him to do funny poses - Tom Hanks grabbed a random drunk guy's phone for a photo op. I wonder how the guy felt the next morning when he saw this. Tom Hanks is the best guy in Hollywood!

The monkey and the little girl's face are both priceless.

So she wanted to go to the zoo in her brand-new banana costume to see the monkeys. The look on that monkey's face!

My life

Free and Funny Sports Ecard: I ate healthy and excercised today. I better fucken wake up skinny.

When you wake up from nap looking for food - meme. Boxer (dog) wrapped in a blanket, very funny muzzle :)

DIY Hair Removal Like!

DIY Honey Lemon Facial Hair Removal Wonder if I can do this with agave instead? This only work for facial hair?

How foreigners react to America. . . I'm American and I think this is funny. Now that I think about it, it's so true.

20 Weird Things About America that Americans Don't Realize are Weird So true! The only thing I find kind of normal is No. 11 - the pickles.

Omg best computer game ever!!!

Oregon Trail on original Apple Computers. Someone please say they remember this back in Elementary School, besides me!