Lots of resources, including 1st 25 days of daily 5

I love Daily 5 and Cafe!This site has lots of links for daily 5 resources - some I had never seen before. Anxious to go exploring!

FREEBIE! This packet contains resources that focus on some of the Daily 5 ideas.  Rubrics, bookmarks, anchor chart templates and more.  PLEASE follow me if you like this FREEBIE!

This packet contains resources that focus on some of the Daily 5 ideas. Items included are: I-Pick Book Marks I-Pick Book Checks Independent Reading Rubrics Read to Self Rubrics Anchor Chart Template for Daily 5 tasks


Our Cool School: daily menu and standards I'm loading 2 files which are pdfs. 1 is the GPS grade version, one is a plain jane version with only the CAFE letters and titles, no standards.

Early Finisher - Give them free choices that enhance learning.  They place their name clip on activity they choose, helps with monitoring students.

Daily 5 Update

Daily 5 choices - I like how there's a spot for each clothespin so there's never a mix up of too many students at one station - - I wonder if I could adapt this for middle school

We created a FREE 49 slide PowerPoint interactive activity that will help explain the components of the Daily 5 to our students. The students will be actively learning through think-pair-share and whole group discussions. We hope this will be a great way to start the year for ourselves and our students!

Here are 18 FREE Daily 5 Resources that are great for grades classroom use. Teachers across the nation are using the Daily 5 during reading instruction and the benefits are amazing!

Prefixes and Suffixes Organizer

foldable for greek/latin root word study (We've actually made mini-books like this for all sorts of studies. Way more fun than a book report!

I need to make these daily 5 posters

Daily 5 Posters Photo: Daily 5 I-charts. (These can not be shared as the harddrive they were stored on died and I was not able to recover any of the file.