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this legitimately just made my night...plenty more where this came from

My friend's brother's response to a question.

I WISH kids would be so creative all of the time ;) More of the greatest inappropriate test answers from young children. If I had a kid, this would probably be their answer! too funny! #videoswatsapp #funnyclips

30 Funny Pictures for Today

Top 30 Funny animal memes and quotes #hilarious

Top 30 Funny animal memes and quotes

I laughed way to hard at this

Nicholas Pardon on

The Perky Cannibal. Read this carefully and notice the importance of a comma! "Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog." I'm surprised that Rachel Ray would admit to cannibalism and in cooking her dog.

20 Funny Animals Memes #Funny Animals #Memes

20 Funny Animals Memes

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this is humorous because it takes the meaning of I will always be there for you to literally taking their back. comical and witty a quip this shows that some people take things too literally.

Are you kidding me?!

this kid is my hero and i also respect his thoughts about the diff between sprite and sierra mist. fuck you, sierra mist.