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    Medical Cartoons

    Medical Cartoons

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    Pearls Before Swine (Oct/04/2015). Stephan Pastis.

    Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis, October 03, 2015 Via @GoComics

    Close to Home (Oct/01/2015). John McPherson.

    Close to Home by John McPherson, September 30, 2015 Via @GoComics

    The Argyle Sweater (Sept/29/2015). Scott Hilburn.

    The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn, October 31, 2014 Via @GoComics

    Nurse humor. Jerry King. Find More Nurse Cartoons:

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    Ziggy (Sept/10/2015). Tom Wilson & Tom II.

    Ziggy by Tom Wilson & Tom II, September 08, 2015 Via @GoComics

    Cornered (Sept/04/2015). Mike Baldwin.

    Cornered by Mike Baldwin, September 03, 2015 Via @GoComics

    L'arabe du futur. Riad Sattouf. V/@Fraslin.

    Jean-Jacques Fraslin on Twitter

    Snorting quack. Gary Larson.

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    Pluggers (Aug/26/2015). Gary Brookins.

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    Herman (Aug/26/2015). Jim Unger.

    Herman by Jim Unger, August 24, 2015 Via @GoComics


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    Pardon My Planet (Aug/21/2015). Vic Lee.

    Purchase a Pardon My Planet Print | Comics Kingdom

    Reality Check (Aug/19/2015). Dave Whamond.

    Reality Check by Dave Whamond, August 19, 2015 Via @GoComics

    HMO Doctors. Maxine. Crabby Road. John Wagner.

    MAXINE - Timeline Photos

    Doctor Teeth. ☤ MD ☞☆☆☆ Find more Dental Cartoons on MediaMed: #humor

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    Dr. Nick from The Simpsons.

    Medical School • Dr. Nick fromThe Simpsons

    Snoopy. Charles M. Schulz.

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    Poor Gallbladder.

    9GAG - Forever Alone No More!

    Plum Loco - Roy Delgado.

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    Parasites of Man by scythemantis on deviantART.

    Parasites of Man by scythemantis on deviantART

    Funny Cat Cartoon. Curiosity killed the cat. Leo Cullum.

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    Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY (DA): "You'll be proud to know I'm going to donate all the snot I sneeze to hospitals for mucus transfusions." -- Calvin/Bill Watterson.

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    Farcus cartoon. David Waisglass and Gordon Coulthart.

    Farcus Comic Strip on