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I will not buy this product because of they way women are portrayed inthere ad. The women is portrayed as a housemaid and the man as the the one who "Wears the pants". "Show her its a mans world" implies that men rule the world and women are just objects.


While it may seem incredibly insulting by today's standards, there's no denying that these sexist ads from famous brands were once perfectly acceptable in society. Now, they only place they could ever get away with it is on the hit series 'Mad Men.'


Chris Radburn/PA Ryanair is becoming as well known for its public telling offs as it is for its budget fares. The latest furore surrounds complaints that two press adverts for the airline featuring scantily-clad female crew are sexist and objectify


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The advertisement shows that people thought the role of women was solely to take care of house chores. The oven is called a "wifesaver" because it cleans itself. An advertisement like this shows that people accepted the gender roles.