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Great tips on how to achieve a magazine look at home. How to then keep that clean with kids - NOT COVERED

Shoulder Length Bed Head Hair. Natural light curls.

Shoulder length hairstyles are perhaps the most beautiful hairstyle in the world for women. Their flattering chin-length layers can help to frame the both sides of your face for a better effect. Shoulder length hair can be styled tousled, braided or just tied up in a ponytail. Most of them are very easy to maintain. …

I actually like the first picture - creating volume by teasing the top of the hair, leaving it half up/half down, & pinning it in the back

Smart way to organize handbags - hang them (duh). Love this. Via @HSN

Find an old TV cabnet on Craigslist and do this for storage? Kicking myself for giving ours away now...grrrrr.

Like the rest of the home, the walls in the bedroom were painted white to provide a neutral backdrop for furnishings and accessories. The homeowners kept foundational pieces, such as the wrought-iron bed frame and wooden nightstands, neutral to allow an ever-changing array of pillows, throws, and accessories. A white-painted driftwood mirror frame adds a hint of rustic texture.

The combination of dust, mold, mildew, body sweat, and more make mattresses the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. Learn how to clean a mattress for a better -- and cleaner -- night's sleep.

multi purpose furniture. dresser as TV stand and expedit storage unit as a room divider.

5 Ikea Hacks I Want to Try

Why haven't I thought of this?Hang your ironing board using decorative wall hangers plus 13 Gorgeous Tidy Tips and Organization Hacks

13 Gorgeous Tidy Tips and Organization Hacks that I can't believe I didn't think of but fit my style perfectly!

Organize your Messy Desktop by creating a custom desktop image. Of course! Why didn't I think of this?! ;) Love it! So easy and so cute!