have a "Honeymoon Jar" at your wedding and see how much you get to spend on your honeymoon!...hmmm good idea!

honeymoon fund for the gift table - ugh why didn't Jay and I think of this? Or have a kissing booth at your wedding reception. Or do the dollar dance. Not the dollar dance, the wedding dollar dance.

Advice Coasters for reception, love it!

Break the usual big Guestbook idea for something simple, fun and manageable! Love this idea of advice coasters as a guestbook!

wedding invitation!

I love when people have fun, different ideas for their wedding invites. Check out these Viewmaster Wedding Invitations. (via Viewmaster Invitation 100 qty by melangerienyc on Etsy)

kinda cheesy...kinda cute

Chalkboards are extremely trendy right now! To give your guests something sweet to read, display a relationship timeline chalkboard. If you want to make your own chalkboard, you can purchase chalkboard paint at a majority of craft stores.