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Jun Cen Miss Minoes. This illustration is created for a children's novel Miss Minoes written by Annie M. The story is about a cat transforms into a human female accidentally and works for a reporter as a secretary Miss Minoes:


** " Me knowz dis be dat Strawberry Shortcake cap and me be short and doesn'ts appreciate yoo makin' me wears it. Me willz becomes decadent if dis continues. Me be comin' fer de camera nowz. Be afraids, be verys afraids.

いいね!5,690件、コメント92件 ― Ryo Yamazakiさん(@rojiman)のInstagramアカウント: 「ふわふわタンポポ綿毛帽子で春を先取り☁️ #カリフラワーじゃないよ 「ねこ休み展」春の巡回展で大阪と岐阜が決定しました♪ 「ねこ休み展」in 大阪なんばパークス…」

Fuzzy hat made with the kitty's own hairs.


Vicky Hageman ceramics, bought from Frank in Whitstable

enhabiten: BDDW

this ceramic mug gave me the idea of painting terra cotta plant pot groupings in monochromatic color patterns, could all be black and white, or red and white for example.

Ceramic bowl in white with black mat glaze.Great for by ONEandMANY

BLACK FRIDAY SALE Ceramic bowl in white with black mat glaze.Great for serving soups and desserts.