cancers feel love ,not shut it out and expect other signs to guess what theyre feeling! pulling away, then telling yourself thats just the aquarius in me is just excuses for treating loved ones coldly. own up to your actions, not hide behind horoscopes.


This is true, it's also really tough, especially if the relationship has lasted for so many years. Do you want to just give up like that without trying? But what if it doesn't work out at all? Dilemma. // hardest decision //walk away or try harder

I really need to work on my stress levels. may not be an accurate number in my case, but get the overall message. Some things cannot change, Unfortunately! I have to learn to deal with these problems on a different level.


Walk away. I walked away from a destructive friendship and it was one of the best things I ever did. I still miss her and I still miss what we had been before we both changed, but I will never regret the moment I finally stood up for myself & walked away.