I love all of these!!!

16 Amazing Do It Yourself Home Ideas - I love the garden trellis canopy idea and the book shelves in the dead space behind the door!

Minions Banana Song-- for when you need a laugh!

Minions Banana Song-- When you need a laugh. :) Minions in Despicable Me Movies

Every "Harry Potter" Chapter Illustration o-o

Every "Harry Potter" Chapter Illustration

Every Harry Potter chapter illustration ever, in a single poster. I remember when I was younger I would read chapter after chapter, using these pictures as an excuse.

Harry Potter Quotes

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights." Albus Dumbledore quote over the light switch = pure awesomeness!

refuse to sink

anchor tats with "refuse to sink" make no sense to me, an anchor sinks.i think of anchors as being stable in rooted in my life.

SO great! :D

& are in Buckingham Palace the very heart of the British Nation--Sherlock Holmes put your trousers on!

Mickey nails

How to Get A Disney World Inspired Manicure: Photos, Instructions, and lots of Disney Nail Art. (article) For when I go to Disney!

Harry potter nail

We love nail art and are constantly finding inspiring nail designs. We've rounded up the best nail art designs that are actually doable!