Dark to Brown Blonde Ombre Hair. Really tempted to get my hair done like this. My hair isn't naturally as dark as hers though so it'll probably look pretty good.

The Sleek Long Layered Hairstyle with Side Bangs for Long Brown Ombre Straight Hair

Fantastic Long Layered Hairstyle with Side Bangs for Straight Hair

The Sleek Long Layered Hairstyle with long Side Bangs for Long Brown Ombre Straight Hair

pretty navy kinda blue hair tied loosely in ponytail bun

Blue hair color would love this color but just streaks or the under part of my hair, not the whole thing

love this hair

6 Fantastic Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors - Hairstyles Hair Color for long ,medium and short hair. I have natural strawberry blonde hair myself, it just doesn't look this amazing lol.

Lilliac/lavender hair. Strangely this is the colour of my hair right now but I wish it was longer and with these great waves.

How To: Soft Flat Iron Curls. This is my favorite hair tutorial. She explains this so easily and perfectly! How To: Soft Flat Iron Curls. This is my favorite hair…

burgundy plum hair...hmmm maybe I will go back to this color til summertime

burgundy plum hair - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips I love this hair color choice that goes well with my complexion !

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Cant wait for mine to grow so i can get it this light on the ends!

I want to dye my hair ombre' soooo bad!I dunno if I want this style, or a colored ombre!

Reeallly want this hair next. I need to get some new wigs so I can do it.. that way work can't say a dang thing to me :)

that is some friggin sweet hair. i wish i had the balls to color it to that extreme. and i love the color teal. more so toward a darker teal like this.

así lo tendré :) :) :)

hair fashion style supreme Grunge edit outfit purple hair long hair colored hair dyed hair e dye leather jacket straight hair grunge style edited hair pastel-locks

Cabello largo rojizo

Red to Blonde Ombre Hair for Long Hair. I think this is my favorite ombre I've seen! I would love to dye my hair these colors if it weren't for my anti-dye/chemical campaign.

Pretty Ombre Pink Hairstyle

Trendy Hair Color: Pretty Pink Hair Looks to Try

pretty pink pony // pastel hair // pink and platinum blonde // colored hair // color chalk hair // hair dye

Ravenclaw hair

Dye your hair simple & easy to mermaid blue hair color - temporarily use mermaid blue hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair mermaid blue with hair chalk

Hair Color-03

Beautiful burgundy hair - What is the difference between mahogany and auburn hair color? Read about the different shades of red hair color here.