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Spanish vocabulary for describing people If you find this info graphic useful, please share, like or pin it for your friends.

English Classes with Rachel: Cognates: LY-MENTE Spanish/English cognates

Some companies hire tutors for certain employees so they can learn Spanish for business dealings. If

Teaching Numbers with Children's Books

Fishpond Australia, My Granny Went to Market by Christopher Corr (Illustrated ) Stella Blackstone. Buy Books online: My Granny Went to Market, ISBN Christopher Corr (Illustrated by) Stella Blackstone

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Time cheatsheet

Telling time in Spanish: Spanish times and dates. The website explains structures for times and dates in Spanish.

Diary of a Language Coach: Handy Handouts for Elaboration in Spanish

Diary of a Language Coach: Handy Handouts for Elaboration in Spanish - check more on my website. Lots of fun resources!

comparativos infographic

Teaching Spanish Comparatives with Skittles Let’s face it, learning is always more fun when food is involved! So when my grade Spanish class was a bit confused with comparatives I decided…

Con esta ficha, se puede organizar en conjunto con los niños el momento de la alimentación, y d este modo, además de trabajar la autonomía, se trabaja el pensamiento lógico- matemático, por la correspondencia término a término, la motricidad y la memoria.

Spanish vocabulary for kitchen utensils. Spanish words: Vocabulario de la mesa **Pair word wall words with pictures?