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Mary Kay Party Ideas

"More Red Jacket Styling" by uhnah on Polyvore

Holiday Makeover Party Take a break from holiday preparations and pamper your skin with the TimeWise anti-aging skincare line and customize a look for the holidays. Try all of the limited-edition holiday products.

Shower Party Whether it is a wedding shower or a baby shower, the woman at the center is ready to be pampered. She can set up a registry of items guests can purchase for her, and all of the guests will be invited to sample the bride/new mother's favorite products. Traditional bridal/baby shower games can be played, incorporating Mary Kay products as prizes and props.

Good Night Pajama Party This party is designed to get your face ready for bed! No makeup tonight. This party features the supplemental line of the TimeWise anti-aging products. Pamper, exfoliate, tone and nourish your skin. Emphasis on preventing or repairing eye damage, oil and acne control, extra moisturization, lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Dash Out the Door Party – Perfect for busy woman on-the-go. Introduction to proper skin care and basic color application that take just 2 minutes each. Sample the TimeWise anti-aging skincare line and an easy, on-the-go look. Lets Party!

Eyes Cream Social: Learn the HOW’s and WHY’s of your total eye look! Pamper those tired eyes to make them feel and look rejuvenated using the Indulge Soothing Eye Gel and chilled cucumber slices. Learn eye makeup techniques to compliment your eye shape and color and learn how to shape and enhance your brows! *Optional to have hostess serve ice cream after the party!

Girls' Night In: Most women who are invited to home parties are married with children. Encourage your guests to dress in their favorite pj's or lounging clothes. Playing soft and relaxing music, serving decadent appetizers and desserts, and providing plenty of comfortable seating. Focus on the luxurious products in the skin care line, as well as the color products that will give the mommies a fresh perspective as they head home to their little ones.

10 Commandments of Lipstick

Interesting Video from Celebrity Makeup Artist Robert Jones...Mary Kay vs. Overpriced Brands

This girl has lots of fun makeup tutorials!....& wow...that is a drastic difference!

Rocking a high-shine dress? Try this neutral look featuring Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy to let the sequins do the talking!

Mary Kay Spring 2013 Products are so great! Available to you in March! Book your makeover/party today to be sure you get yours first!

How long is makeup good for? This is a good list for every girl to keep handy.

Style United ~ The 10 Commandments of BLUSH

Why to use a mask? Find the perfect one for you.

Available March 16! The Zen Garden Inspired spring collection! Awesome flirty colors. Contact me to be the first to get yours. #makeup Cream Eyeshadow Nail polish and more!

For a polished and professional application every time, apply your makeup with the Mary Kay® Brush Collection! Each brush is customized to help you get exactly the look and effect you want.

New Spring Mary Kay makeup artist looks! Book your makeover with me today to try them!

Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set

square vase filled with glass marbles for makeup brushes.

How to use makeup to look good in pictures. Awesome tips that make a huge difference!

Love the pool? You can still love your lashes with Mary Kay® Lash Love™ Waterproof Mascara.

Get this fresh, radiant look illuminated by shimmering eyes and rosy pink lips.

Create gorgeous looks with new summer shades from Mary Kay that are fitting for every occasion.