Tom Hiddleston …

Tom Hiddleston is up all night…

Tom Hiddleston does his own version of the Daft Punk song "Get Lucky" Love his face in the last two pictures!

Well this needs to happen

Tom vs Loki Voice GPS<--- when i read hold up is that a horse I was done.

I may be attracted to "villains" apparently. *breaks down* They're just misunderstood! / just because I like a character does not mean that I approve his actions / Barney stinson / Draco Malfoy / LOKI / Moriarty

because everyone needs a Tom dancing gif on their board. ---I'm speechless...

because everyone needs a Tom dancing gif on their board<--- in his socks, no less. This man is so perfect

this gif. hahahaha.

Reasons Why Benedict Cumberbatch Should Be The Doctor" funny gif set but I really don't want him to be the 12 doctor. He is too serious and stern for me <= you obviously have not seen Benedict Cumberbatch

Always repin Moriarty.

"We met twice, five minutes in total. i pulled a gun, he tried to blow me up. i felt we had a special something" - Sherlock Moriarty - 0 (_______) 0

I forgot how to breathe

Benedict Cumberbatch on a horse! (did that "look at your man, now look back at me" line from the Old Spice commercial pop into anyone else's head?) << YES HES WEARING JAWNS JUMPER <=== pinning for the jumper comment.


Loki of Asgard on

Loki : Happy Birthday Tom Tom : Oh dear ! Oh loki Loki : (it's a trap) Tom…

The "Sherlock" Season 3 Finale Caused Tumblr To Self-Destruct

“The Resurrection” – by Carl Bloch, a well-known and popular Danish artist in the century. He painted a series of works on the Life of Christ, which are now housed in Frederiksborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark.

They are both rediculously handsome

Wrinkles are really attractive…

Those aren't wrinkles, those are laugh lines. It's not the same thing. And laugh lines are sexy as fuck! But wrinkles are still great in my opinion.