100  Things to Do Before You Die: You will never need to read another bucket list again.

100+ Things to Do Before You Die

Bucket list: travel to Africa and go on a safari adventure! Always been my dream! Check out for more stuff at http://pinterest.com/milaishop/

Go on an African Safari

Serengeti National Park is home to the world’s largest herds that make it the continent’s richest grazing land. With all its natural splendor, Serengeti National Park is definitely Africa’s.


bucket list: to have my first marriage be the one and only marriage to the love of my life


I always thought it would be fun to recieve an adorable little golden retriever puppy as gift with a big bow on him! (I love my golden retriever so much!

Bucket list: brave the heights and zip-line with family or friends!

Zip-Line With Family or Friends

Bucket list: brave the heights and zip-line with family or friends! I've already been ziplining with the fam and friends, but not on a long or very high one.


Finish an entire coloring book! I don't care if I'm to old for them I will color in them anyways

Would love to do this in Paris <3

bucket list: attach a lock to a love bridge: As couples cross the Rhine, they take a lock, and attach it to the bridge’s fence and throw the key into Rhine for love and good luck. So, all the way across the whole bridge the fence is covered in locks!

this is a must.

bucket list: have my children grow up with harry potter. and every other awesome books and movies I love

DONE! i adore my wardrobe! but i keep adding more stuff. lol just like any typical girl.

Pinned said: " I have a huge wardrobe. I should feel guilty to have such a huge wardrobe. My goal is to donate, I feel so guilty." Lol I feel the same


I know a little Spanish. And it doesn't have to be specifically Spanish. I just want to learn a language to the point where I can carry on a conversation. Spanish, French, German, whatever.