How to Fly from the U.S. to Europe for Under $200 on

How to Fly from the U.S. to Europe for Under $200 [Budget Travel Secrets]

9 Cleaning "Hacks" That Will Actually Ruin Your Stuff

This is AWESOME! Come learn how to make a gift bag from wrapping paper. Perfect for wrapping oddly shaped items! Full tutorial from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

How to Make a Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper |

washing pillows

How To Wash & Whiten Yellowed Pillows


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A selection of Bobbed Hairstyles from the 1920s. Learn how to recreate the bobbed hairstyles that were popular during the 1920's. With the aid of 119 clear illustrations and photos, a leading 1920's hair stylist will teach you the methods he used to create bobbed hair for his customers. Tapering, layering, shingling and other techniques are covered. #hairstyles #hairstyling

The Bob Hairstyle

There are files taking up storage on your phone that you don't even know exist. Make sure you're conserving storage by eliminating them from your device.

What to Remove First When Your Phone Storage Is Full

I picked this one because it tells you how to use these etiquette tips for interviews to ensure you are making the best impression possible to your prospective employer. #interview #etiquette

A Guide to Good Job Interview Etiquette

Which Glue Should You Use? Great to know for your Craft Projects!

diy 101: building your toolbox — adhesives

Best apps for international travel

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Money saving tips

Budgeting: A Visual Guide to How Small Cutbacks Lead to Great Savings - Quicken Support

How clever! Why didn't I think of this. Easy way to keep the house clean! Just check off and then wipe away!

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Indoor plants that clean indoor air. It is super easy to take care of these houseplants.

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For choosing the best veggies.

24 Diagrams To Help You Eat Healthier

WellSpent App. Best Budgeting App out there!!

WellSpent - The Last Budgeting App You'll Ever Need - for iPhone

Sewing the 60s - Dressing the Decade. A study on 60s sewing patterns, year by year High quality Vintage maps

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When you think of weight loss you probably envision having to overhaul your entire diet, but that's not always necessary. Instead, take a look here!

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Tourist vs Traveler Infographic

Tourist vs Traveler Infographic - The Carefree Traveler

Basic Wine 101 Guide by winefolly #Infographic #Wine

Wine For Beginners (Infographic) | Wine Folly

A useful guide to decide what tea to drink depending on how you feel!

Tea - What Should I Drink?

FREE Account Tracking and Budgeting

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So good I need to pin it even though I don't have a board for it! Hearing the Real Question - Interview Tips

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5 real interview tips for the entry-level lady! i will need to remember this tip for when i go off to college and will need to get a job!

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Bookshelf: 5 Personal Finance Books You Need to Read in Your 20s | Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

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Retro Hairstyle Tutorials. She wears a glove while using a hot iron... why the hell didn't I ever think of that? #hairtips #retro #vintahe #pinup #swing #hair For inspiring clothing of the 40's and 50's visit

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