Parenting...your circus your monkeys lol

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My Hubby at dinner

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Since I have more than 2, I suppose I just look like death...

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Hilarious Parenting Memes of the Week! Such a funny list of parents to follow!

Hilarious Facebook Parenting Memes of the Week - Perfection Pending

And continues even at 8.

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Kids making u lose it & need jesus

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Megan Hammaker

Some days it feels a little bit more like hostage negotiating with a band of druken bi-polar pirates than actual parenting

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My current mood.

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Third Trimester MEMES - Page 2

OMG!!! YESSSSSSS! This is exactly what I feel like lol

15 Funny E-Cards About Pregnancy - Clicky Pix

The Adventures Of God: Comics Collection<<<I'm not religious whatsoever but these are absolutely hilarious

The Adventures Of God: Comics Collection

My Boyfriend needs to become a rich CEO and I'll gladly stay at home all day cooking, cleaning, baking, gaming and going off to the gym while he works. I don't like this 'do as I'm told and put up with bad treatment for pennies' working class shit! :D

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Funny Memes Skewering the 2016 GOP Candidates: Donald Trump's Hair Runs Off

Donald Trump's Hair Runs Off


Punny Animals | Funny As Duck | Funny Pictures


Snapchats that will leave you laughing (22 Photos)

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Twitter Screencaps

Holy son of a motherless goat that if fricken hilarious!!! XD XD XD :,D Im crying!!

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Haha... lame jokes. these made me giggle. @Cydney Hines

Animals think they're so funny.

25 Funniest Jokes for Kids - because A's jokes are awful

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25 Funniest Jokes for Kids | Babble

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Not even exaggerating.

Driving by old high school - FunSubstance

This is the stupid humor that makes me laugh!

Short jokes from Playboy

.Do you live in a cornfield because i'm stalking you. Funny Pick-up lines

NoWayGirl | Funny Photos and Videos from around the web