Love defined by Disney. This is perfect.

People say Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about love. In some ways that it true, but Disney also teaches us so many other things about love. So true; and I will love disney forever!

This is great parenting…

This is great parenting…

Boy tells doctor there are no boy or girl colors and he wants a pink cast because it is breast cancer awareness month. in humanity restored

Great pot for pasta!

I'm going to keep this list.I want a LOT of these things!For the girl who can't stay out of the kitchen. 50 useful kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed. There are some seriously cool things on here!

Why you should never judge someone based on appearance…

Biker gang protects child abuse victims - this is the sweetest thing ever and I'm so thankful that these people take their time to help abused children. More people need to be like this! Child abuse has to end.

fire of love

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keychain charger. Could be perfect for music festivals, long hikes, or camping. - Adventure Time

If I only had an iPhone ---- keychain charger. Could be perfect for music festivals, long hikes, or camping. This is amazing!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 93 Pics

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are soulmates. Yes, yes she is. She is the only girl I would be okay with Josh dating

Silicone portable leaf cup - great for camping

Silicone portable leaf cup - great for camping. So cute. Work be a fun "cup" for Burning Man bar hopping!

True Story

It is not awesome to kill a lion. Thats the opposite of awesome, but this guys response is very informative and awesome. Pass it on. Killing animals for sport is awful and should be stopped. An innocent animal shouldn't have to die so you can have "fun".

"I'm yours and that's it, forever - You're mine and that's it, forever."

Personalized Ballad of Love & Hate Print - Set of 2

Personalized Ballad of Love & Hate by the Avett Brothers Print - Set of 2 by The Oyster's Pearl on Scoutmob Shoppe