Classroom: Organization/Ideas

Classroom: Organization/Ideas

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Picture Directions {Freebie} - A Cupcake for the Teacher

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Lesson Plan Template

Classroom Freebies: Lesson Plan Template

Ideas for Interactive Notebook- great blog, AND it's by a middle school teacher

The Middle School Mouth

guided reading template

Ms.M's Blog: New Guided Reading template...
  • Marjorie Ann
    Marjorie Ann

    Would love a copy of this:)

a ridiculously organized classroom. This woman is crazy.

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  • Terry Dunn
    Terry Dunn

    Ha, ha, it doesn't stay that way all day! I'll bet she's a great teacher though.

  • Fabiane Vaucher
    Fabiane Vaucher

    Muito boa essa ideia de organização...amei

  • Renee Johnson
    Renee Johnson

    This is completely awesome. I wish that I could be that organized!!!!!!!

Omgosh!! This room is amazing

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  • Cerrissa Bates
    Cerrissa Bates

    love it!

  • Barbara Roberts
    Barbara Roberts

    This is amazing! We should all be so fortunate to have such an amazing canvas to start with.


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  • bob maisano
    bob maisano

    I'll bet your classroom has the happiest students in the school! :>)

Misc Classroom Tips and Ideas!

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supER girl

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Lots of ideas for using the free products at in the classroom to enhance parent communication via

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The Apprentice from Staples

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  • Robyn McFarland
    Robyn McFarland

    I have one of these AND I LOVE IT! (I don't remember the cost...sorry)

  • Stephanie Turner
    Stephanie Turner

    Where did you get this? It looks great! I need help with organization.

  • Robyn McFarland
    Robyn McFarland

    I got it at Staples (a few years ago). It is amazing. I absolutely love it. I have had other teachers comment on it. It would definitely help with organization.

  • Stephanie Turner
    Stephanie Turner

    Thank you! I received it in the mail today and I cannot wait to use it.

  • Sheri Meadows
    Sheri Meadows

    It's about 50 dollars. Well spent I think. I want one!

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Free Lessons and Resources

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organizing lesson plans

Avoiding the Paper Trap -


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A call for help!

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*****ideas for organizing everything in the classroom!!

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Classroom Organization
  • Laurel Shufelt
    Laurel Shufelt

    Okay...I'm going out tomorrow and purchase a lot of binders to get my Science Units organized...thank you🌷

The 60-Second Guide To Digital Classrooms

The 60-Second Guide To Digital Classrooms - Edudemic

Wow! Must remember to check out before next year!! Great Classroom Ideas!

First Grade Fresh: Let's give them something to talk about...

Centers that maximize on space...

.: Back to School


Classroom Organization | Open Websites

writing resources

Writing Workshop worksheets and writing printables

Scratch & Sniff Stickers

Best Stocking Stuffers - Paper Source

Tying laces peg puzzle

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  • Karen Marie
    Karen Marie

    This also works great with baby sneakers that lace. Attach to a board. Use colorful laces.

I want one of these for my classroom! I

How to Build a Milk Jug Igloo
  • Claude Borders
    Claude Borders

    That is too clever!

  • Wendy Stumpf
    Wendy Stumpf

    But how do you get them to stay together? A friend of mine did this in her class and none of the glues held anything. The teachers eventually used hi melt glue guns to hold it after the kids went home for the day. Not the teaching experience she or the students were hoping for.

  • Leslie Houfaidi
    Leslie Houfaidi

    I made this several times in my class and I too had trouble having it stay together without sagging or completely coming down. Maybe I need better engineering!

  • K H
    K H

    Have your students bring in empties.