A fish tank and garden all in one! Grow your own herbs and vegetables with this clever aquaponic farm. As your fish produces natural waste, it becomes fertilizer for the plants above. This three-gallon tank is the perfect home for a fish and up to six plants (plus whatever aquatic plants you choose to add to the tank itself).

Back To The Roots Aquaponics Kit / Aquafarm: Bring the garden inside with a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food! The Water Garden (formerly the Aqua Farm) creates a closed-loop ecosystem—the fish feed

Gold and Silver Feather Ring

This tiny feather ring is adorable and can match your gold and silver jewelry! The little brass feather is soldered to a sterling silver band. Available in US ring sizes (half sizes too!

"Self-care is NOT selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel."

"Self-care is NOT selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel." KMG Therapeutic Massage is a Traveling massage therapist. I come to you!

I must be a mermaid...

Signs You Might be a Mermaid: You drink like a fish. You play in the storm. You swim with sharks. You live so deep life takes your breath away.

Classic white dress with gold belt ...

Classic white dress with gold belt . - Looking for a beautiful dress? Well did you find. Here you will find trendy dresses and skirts. - Chic Dresses and beautiful Skirts


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Doggie Umbrella

The clear Pet Umbrella body allows full view of your pet. Keeps your dog dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow Umbrella clips to collar x .

vintage minnetonka brown suede hardsoled moccasins 7 by stylebook, $30.00

Vintage minnetonka brown suede hard soled moccasins by Stylebook. OhmeGawd they look so comfy.

Unless they are flying monkeys - those are definitely mine.

Not my circus. Not my monkeys. (Polish proverb) Every time you feel yourself getting drawn into other people's nonsense, repeat these words. Great to remember, because I am trying to not get sucked into peoples drama