I'm sure many of you have heard about declining bee populations and the dreaded colony collapse syndrome, so even if you don't have a garden, this is a DIY Bee Habitat can help protect our native species.

DIY Bee Habitat - Create Craft Love


Constellation Jar... such a great idea to do with munchkins for a night light!

How to Make Constellation Jar - DIY & Crafts - Handimania


The Rules to All Your Favorite Card Games - Grandparents.com

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"One Duncannon-area teen showcased Scouting's philanthropic mission by completing a service project, which allowed her to secure a Girl Scout Gold Award, along with accolades from the borough of Duncannon." #GoGold #GirlScoutsRock

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Rope Runner Derby

Rope Runner Derby


Girl Scout Cadette Book Artist badge earned ONLINE through a virtual leader at Scout-It-Out.com

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Generic Girl Scout Thank You Notes - great for cookie booth sales

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!


Girl Scout Cookie Booth Decor! I made this booth for my daughter. I made the sign with a white Galaxy marker on a 77 cent black poster board - I sell the chalkboard art on my Etsy shop: The Mad Badger https://www.etsy.com/shop/AMadBadger. Its mounted against foam board and propped up against a triangle made of a cardboard box. The table cloth is just red fabric from Hobby Lobby. I made the pictures from printing them out online and mounting them on cardstock. #girlscouts #cookieboothdecor

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The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: Make Easy Girl Scout Cookie Booth Banners

Make Easy Girl Scout Cookie Booth Banners


: Girl Scout Door Hanger - For Cookie Sales

Girl Scout Door Hanger - For Cookie Sales


Girl scouts

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Fitting in is often very important to young girls. As she matures, and with your support, she will work out which friends are “good” for her and which aren’t so good. You can help her identify what makes her unique, and give her the confidence to be herself and appreciate diversity in others. See how here. Join us—create your own self-esteem board using #SelfEsteemProject.

Finding her Self in the social pecking order - Dove Self-Esteem Project


Snowmen collection 2014

Carving a Snowman


Picture of How to Make a Spiral Pencil

How to Make a Spiral Pencil - All


Cardboard Roll Snake Knitting - Repeat Crafter Me

Cardboard Roll Snake Knitting - Repeat Crafter Me


kids soap carving patterns | Extra Patterns

Stone Carving Kits ~ Mountainpipes™ Products


This is great step by step example with pictures of how to do soap carving with kids. Summer Reading Program 2015, CSLP children's manual page 92. Instead of a rabbit like on this website, carve something from Greek Mythology. Heroes

Easter Soap Carvings


Although wood carving is usually not the most suitable activity for younger children, carving soap (easily done with a butter knife, and even sometimes with a plastic utensil) can be a great alternative. By making their own tactile maps after the Inuit versions, kids can have a physical record of their daily explorations.

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The Wonder Years: Soap Carving For Kids (Good idea for making soap carving tools that aren't knifes)

The Wonder Years: Soap Carving For Kids


Ivory soap carving instructions http://www.adteachings.com/post/6800425002/on-the-fiendish-brilliance-of-simple-emotion

... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All


5 Minute Owl Carving

Beginners Carving Corner and Beyond: Three / Five Minute??? Owl


soap carving patterns | Gleams of Sunshine

soap carving 101


Soap Carving Patterns for Grandchildren - Grandma Ideas: Fun Activities to do with Grandchildren

Soap Carving Patterns for Grandchildren - Grandma Ideas: Fun Activities to do with Grandchildren


this video shows how to carve a simple owl. This was my first project. It was lot of fun.

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scout skits book

Cub Scout Skits for Campfires