hug a baby one....of. those. things. that move really slow...and they're always hanging from a branch? ahhhhhhhh! what is their name? I'm just home from work and I just about need a nap b/c of the traff.....! Sloth! there Wow! that feels a lot better now.

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Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm hoping you don't find my blog obnoxious. Here, you'll find everything that tickles my fancy, from food to the stars to the worst puns you'll ever hear to some really really bad self-written poetry. Talk to me! I swear I don't bite.

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Australian cattle dog. AKA blue healer. This is the one most vets say my dog is mixed with...the rest..??? I can see some of the markings....also had 2 people say Rotweiller too...I looked at them I also see markings...never know!! Also see Blue Healer??

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